Commands: Lookup, Lookup QRZ
2010-01-14 04:00
/lookup (callsign) – Use this Command to see information regarding any user. For example, to look at the infor mation of operator 195HS123 you would simply type: /lookup 195hs123 – then hit Enter or press the “Chat” button and all the information regarding 195hs123 will appear in your Chat/DX Cluster box. The information shown is: Name, QTH, Country, Reg number and QRG (what frequency that station is currently on)

/qrz (callsign) – This Command works the same as the /lookup Command explained above but is used only for Licensed Amateur Radio Operators or “Hams”. It uses the database of which keeps information on all licensed Ham operators. For example, to use this Command to find information on a licensed Ham, like N1TKO, you would tpye: /qrz N1TKO then hit the enter key or the “Chat” button and browser will open a new page to where a complete bio and all the information on N1TKO is stored.