Using the Chat/DX Cluster
2010-01-14 03:22
What is the DX CLUSTER and Chat Box?
On the left side of your transceiver you see a box with the heading Chat/ DX Cluster. This is a very useful display and tool. There are several things we can do with the Chat/DX Cluster but first you may want to visit THIS PAGE to learn what a DX Cluster actually is in Ham Radio.
Using Hamsphere the DX Cluster box gives you the following information:
UTC Time – This is also know as Greenwich Mean Time. This is a Universal time. So if the time says 15:21 and you are in Spain it is also 15:21 in California, for example. HERE is a good definition of UTC
123HS123 – Next you will see a callsign. This is a station now using Hamsphere.
QRV – QRV is one of the many Q Codes used by Ham Radio operators. QRV means “Are you ready? Or I am ready. This means that the person is “ready” on the frequency listed. To learn all the Amateur Radio Q Codes, Click HERE.
07.055.00 – This number you see next is the frequency the station is now on.

It is telling you that it is 03:36 UTC and N1TKO is QRV (ready) on 14255.00 Khz which is the 20 meter band. Using the example above, you can go directly to the frequency that “N1TKO” is on by clicking on the frequency listed. Click on 14255.00 and your transceiver will tune to that frequency.