Re: 5B4AIT
2013-04-23 01:27
best regard :)
Re: 5B4AIT
2013-04-30 16:52
bonjour kelly,

mon ami n'arrive pas à avoir un indicatif francais,on lui a donné.9HS2409 avec des mots de passe qui ne fonctionnent pas;

il faut faire quelque chose pour qu'il puisse trafiquer avec des oms .y a til une semaine d'essai et apres on paye la souscription de 30€.il y a t il

un administrateur pour la france.

merci d'avance pour me répondre de 14hs684 pour un ami
Re: 5B4AIT
2013-05-19 13:12
cher kelly,

j'ai un ami de la ville de' sées en france qui avait l'indicatif 14hs1739 op guy a été coupé ce jour le 19 mai 2013,la veille le systeme hamsphere fonctionnait tres bien.on lui à redonné pour un indicatif 9hs 2409 qui n'est pas bon.mon ami a payé,car c'est moi 14hs684 qui a souscris 30euros par carte bancaire et le systeme paypal.urgent veuillez retablir la connexion hamsphere à 14hs1739.please.

14hs684 pour 14hs 1739 op guy
Re: 5B4AIT
2013-09-18 06:57
Hi Kelly !
At first thank you VERY MUCH for your EXELENT prg....
In my bussines trip - it inchange my trx and ant at home

Second I have apr in Paphos (Toms of King, Sunwaves Centre nr Arphonides market)
and my family stay at Paphos continuassly/

Time to time i visit Paphos.

Could send me your phone number i may call and met you in my next visit CY

Best 73 !!!
All the Best You and your Family
Pavel Molodov
Re: 5B4AIT
2014-01-04 00:46
Hi Kelly
As a new member to hamsphere I am impressed about the format of the program. I am at the moment dissattisfied I wish to terminate my subscribtion.
Would appreciate if a credit can be issued to my credit card.
In the world of software and hardware this may be an issue...... The record shows My registration 5 months ago...that is incorrect I had registered in Dec. 2013
Hampsphere subscription IIN3UBB
2014-12-26 10:31
Dear Kelly,
This is to inform you that on 19 dec.I have payed 30 euros via bank tansfer Banco Posta Bolzano on your IBAN to Hellenic Bank Cyprus for my subscription of hamsphere. IIam waiting for a reply. 73 de IN3UBB Rosemarie
Re: 5B4AIT
2015-01-28 23:24
73 a vous peut on trafiquer sur le hamsphere meme sans avoir d'indicatif ou alors comment avoir un qrz ?
Re: 5B4AIT
2015-04-18 04:34
I used to be a cb radio fan but since i discovered this hamsphere is like science is like almost real.. qsl contact qso.. etc.. thanks my friend for having such brilliant idea and put all your efforts to make it happened. I wish i can have a little bit more watts.. lol..
thanks again for your brilliant idea and God bless you.
Re: 5B4AIT
2015-07-22 17:59
Hi dr Kelly
I,m confused question do you pay in Ciprus any tax over the amount value send to you by bank transfer
or these amount fully avaiable because we are in UE system bank total value amount will be in your account
at your own disposal, reason I don´t use PAYPAL system.
Info me please
Best 73
31HS322 Antonio
HS4 Better than ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: 5B4AIT
2016-02-08 21:08
5B4AIT Wrote:
> Hi I am Kelly. The founder of HamSphere. I live in
> Cyprus and my callsign is 5B4AIT.
> I still have my Swedish callsign SM7NHC, but I
> only use that when I am in Sweden.
> I run both HamSphere and real shortwave. I have
> the IC7000 and a HyGain 14AVQ vertical in the
> garden. Cyprus has a massive shortwave takeoff so
> my signals are widely heard.
> I have two kids, a lovely wife and two dogs. The
> family takes up a lot of time so HamSphere has
> taken a long time to complete. I also have very
> strict working schedules. I usually work between
> 09.00 and 16.00. Then family time including
> dinner, homework etc.
> I like to run/jog down by the beachwalk in Paphos
> and try to do that at least 3 times a week.
> 73
> Kelly
Re: 5B4AIT
2016-02-08 21:10
Kelly is my uncle. HIS real name is Kjälle.
Re: 5B4AIT
2016-02-08 21:14
76HS460 Wrote:
------------------------Kelly is MY uncle. HIS real name is kjälle Lindman
> best regard :)
Re: 5B4AIT
2016-02-08 21:15
Re: 5B4AIT
2016-11-03 18:36
Hello Kelly,
All my sincere félifitation for having created the systhème Hamsphere, you had an idea of genius, I am disabled at 80% radio enthusiast for 40 years, your systhème my taste has restored life.
Sincerely, amitée,
14 HS 4442
Re: 5B4AIT
2017-06-24 03:58
Hi 5B4AIT,

It’s really a great job making peoples to share the funny communication all over the world.

VR2VSS from Hong Kong
Re: 5B4AIT
2017-12-12 16:49
xe1hjv on your systeme is a fake it transmit frm usa not frm mexico
it tell me on your system "stupid fr4pv" because i dont accept to confirm a qso frm usa with XE prefix
i cant accept this comportement
Re: 5B4AIT
2018-03-01 11:31
Kelly, hi, this is Dan, 2HS4318, I just spoke with Tina, M1CPH,, she said I should email you, I use mainly the Android version on a tablet, plus, I recently had eye surgery a cpl of months ago, I'm still healing I'm afraid. I just told her about a renewal email we'd just gotten a couple of hours ago, I sent her a copy. I'd sent in the 30 euros to PayPal on Feb 6, the activity page shows it, I'd finally figured out how to turn off the recurring payments, I needed awhile, it wasn't immediately apparent, however, the renewal for this present year did positively show. I also am afraid imaccidentally wiped my email inbox, though I can obviously call Paypal in the morning here, we're Eastern time in the US, and ask them to resend am email showing the payment, Tina had said to try to send her that, or to copy the Paypal activity page onto an email to her, I'll obvioisly try to do one or the other, of course. I'd also just asked if she wanted me to still email you thru the site, which was why I was sending this, I just sometimes am uncertain if you see what I send, I realize you've answered before, I just figure maybe the email goes into spam, or perhaps you might get busy and maybe miss it, perhaps, however, if youre able to check the Paypal logs in the meanwhile, and just see if you can see the 30 euros as having gone through on Feb 6, that'd obviously be most appreciated, if you want to email me back thru the site here, I'll try to watch for anything you send, if she sends anything also, illmtry to answer her, as well as try to let her know using the Android app that I'm sending you this, many thanks for anything you can do, please also of course thank her as well, much appreciated, Dan, 2HS4318.
Re: 5B4AIT
2020-05-15 04:13
Hi Kelly,

Great program and thanks for working so hard to keep our hobby alive.


Dwayne Vadeboncoeur
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