How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-20 16:01
A big part of Ham Radio, CB Radio, SWL (Shortwave Listening) and radio in general, is getting a confirmation that you heard a station or actually talked to a station. QSL means, receipt of contact or "Can you acknowledge receipt?"
Getting QSL cards from stations that you worked is a lot of fun. You may have seen photos of operator's "Shacks" where the walls are covered with QSL cards. Years ago, QSL's were mainly exchanged via mail. Today in the computer age, QSL's are also sent and received electronically.
A great place to exchange QSL cards is through a web site called "" This is a free service for Ham operators or SWL's, which includes us folks here on Hamsphere. The free service on EQSL is limited. You can upgrade and have a custom made QSL card for a small fee.
Anyhow, go to the WEB SITE and sign up (did I say it was free?!!) and start exchanging QSL cards with the new friends you make here on Hamsphere.
73 to all
Jerry - N1TKO
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-21 09:47
Hi Jerry
Thank you for the answer !!!!

Gr Geert
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-22 18:50
Jerry, this is a different idea, but sort of on the same topic...

Often, after a nice QSO, I'd like to follow up with an email. Maybe that's the modern equivalent of a QSL card...

Problem is, it's difficult to find the email address of a particular station. And that's probably a good thing. :)

To get around that problem, it would be nice to either have a general-purpose PM facility on this board, or maybe even a new forum, "Message Drop," where we could post our post-QSO emails or any other directed traffic.

Just a thought...

73 & Happy Holidays!


PS - I enjoyed our short CW QSO yesterday. I would have followed up with an email but.... :)
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-22 19:24
Hello Tom
Yes indeed.... was nice to chat with you. Well, I mentioned to Kelly about a Members List that would, of course list members, but also include a function to PM them. Maybe even email.... not sure how he wants to set it up.
Tom, if you work a licensed ham, you can always go to QRZ and get all the info and email address as you know.
With the HS callsigns, we will need a database with contact info.
I'll keep you posted.
And, as I mentioned before, the guys with the HS callsigns can use EQSL just like anyone. Sending and receiving QSL's via EQSL is pretty easy once you get use to the system and the best part is that it's free for a basic card.

With licensed guys on Hamsphere you can actually use a shortcut to get to QRZ by typing in " /qrz n1tko " just replace my call with the licensed ham's call.

The bottom line is, QSLing is a lot of fun! I forgot to send my fee to the Area 1 QSL Buro system and they just contacted me today telling me I had a bunch of QSL's there but I didn't have the funds in my account to have them sent to me! hi hi
I just sent in my 10 bucks.... that should keep the cards coming that are sent via the Buro.
73 Pal and Merry Christmas
Jerry - N1TKO
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-25 17:29

I worked a chap on HAMSPHERE AND HIS qsl address is qsl we have something like that , I don't see it.


Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-25 18:57
Hello Pat
Merry Christmas Pal. Hummmm very interesting. I haven't heard of anything like that. Did you ask the guy himself?
I'd be curious to know too.
Hope to hear back soon
Jerry - N1TKO
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-25 20:19
I don't know either, but I got a qsl sent via eqsl, he was registered...

I have got more qsl cards via Hamsphere than I have got in a year...GREAT

Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2009-12-25 23:15
That's terrific Pat. Speaking of QSL's.... I was posting earlier about sending money into the W! Buro for the cards they said I had there. Well, they came yesterday! The cards are from 1997 and 98 while I was active a bit. There was about 40 QSL cards.... all DX!! Unbelievable! Its really nice to get actual QSL's in your hand rather than by EQSL, although those are nice too.
So, I have some new wallpaper for the shack and I'm planning on getting my station back on the HF bands in the spring. Just shopping around for a rig now.
Take care and 73
Jerry - N1TKO
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2010-01-12 07:21
Hi Jerry, I often heard ( or is it read ) about "work" as in the following sentences I quoted from this forum:

"Getting QSL cards from stations that you worked" and "Tom, if you work a licensed ham'

Any different from QSOs?

Please explain to me, Mr Popular Guy!

Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2010-01-12 12:57
Yes Mohamad,
To "work" a station or to "work" someone or to "Work" into Africa, for instance, is to talk to there or make a contact there.... SSB, CW or otherwise...
Not much different from QSO... you are right.
Jerry - N1TKO
Re: How do I exchange QSL cards
2012-11-28 20:15
How can I send a qsl when using iPhone ???
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