Hello all,

I'm curious to know how unlicensed hams are able to transmit on air? I'm not a ham operator nor have a FCC callsign registered.

I read on some ham online courses and videos that a license is required to transmit on air and we could get in trouble if we don't have one.

So far, in my trial I've been just listening and not transmitng.

2nd question

Can I listen to international AM stations with hampshere 3.0/4.0?

Thanks I appreciate any comments.
Re: What makes unlicensed hams able to tramit on hamsphere?
2017-01-07 18:36

there are 2 points to know:

1. You are right, it is not allowed to transmit "on air" (which means a real radio and real shortwave) without a HAM-exam and callsign or on other bands than a licence-class allows.


2. HamSphere is NOT the real world, but a "closed system" with own rules. The intention is to bring interested people into the ham world. And it gives licensed operators without antennas and so on the chance to work as well. .

So feel free to transmit on HamSphere if you want, it's not forbidden. ;-) You can compare it with programms like "Skype" or something like that.
It's just Voice over IP (with a simulation of Noices, Propagation, Filters...)

And that answered your second question: No, it is not possible to hear any AM or SSB (nor FM ...) station from a real radio.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Hello Jörg and thanks for the reply.

I appreciate the clarification about what hamsphere is.

I always had an interest in ham radio but never explore it because I live in New York City which is RF hell and I live in an apartment and I can't rig an outdoor antenna like someone who has home and a backyard. My only option is to go for a 2m/70cm mobile radio and/or hamsphere. Of course, I have to get a technician class licensee before I can transmit on the 2m/70cm radio.

Anyway, thanks again Jörg for the reply :-)
Re: What makes unlicensed hams able to tramit on hamsphere?
2017-01-08 07:11
Hi again,

yes, the antenna problem is well known and I have it in my area since the 1990 years as well.
2m / 70cm .,hm... some people report "it's the todays CB-Radio".

So HamSphere is a good alternative. :-)

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
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