QSL received will not display
2014-11-03 21:46
I am new here. (still on my 30 day trial) I received a QSL from a contact last night. I can see the other station's name in my Received QSL Cards list, but I cannot click on it. The same goes when I try to access the logbook from within the program. I can see the contact, but when I click on the green R, there is nothing there to see.

Do I need to be subscribed to be able to send and receive QSL cards?


Re: QSL received will not display
2014-11-04 12:31
No, you can do it since the first day. But there is no "30 days trial", the trial period is for 7 days. Maybe that was the reason.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: QSL received will not display
2014-11-04 16:22
Thanks for the reply. As it turns out, it was just the one QSL card that I could not see. As it was the only card I had received, I thought there was an issue with my computer or the settings somewhere.

As for the trial period, I can assure you that it was 30 days as it gives me my days remaining every time I log in. I am down to 24 days left.


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