Big problem with Call sign & QSL Card
2013-10-13 18:40
Dear Adm,

Hamsphere just changed my new call sign ( from YF7WKY to YE7WKY ) as per my request.

On the log/live cluster already appearing YE7WKY but, QSL card still printing on YF7WKY
I have tried to change, edit and renew card, the result is lock in the old one.( can not change else )

Hence, when I was sending qsl card, the admin say please edit and create the QSL card editor,
I am not understanding with this statement, because I already done.

And also I receive notice on my email that i have receive car, when I was check in hamspeher transceiver
in receive qsl card box THERE IS NO CARD !!!!! still old card ( YF7WKY )

Hamspher making me confuse so I am not hPPY WITH YOU could you solve this problem as well as
tell me what can i do next....

bastaman YE7WKY ex-YF7WKY
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