Im new to Hamsphere Can someone help me
2012-10-07 17:13
My name is Jason My call sign is 26HS5579. My question is can i use all functions of HamSphere if i dont have a radio ham licence? If yes are there any restrictions. I am so glad to have found HamSphere.

Kind Regards Jason ( 26HS5579).
HI Jason,

You can use all the functions of HamSphere without a licence? There are no restrictions.

73 and all the best.

Gerard 19hs234
Re: Im new to Hamsphere Can someone help me
2012-10-08 10:33
Hi Jason

first of all, Welcome to Hamsphere!

Agree with previous speaker, Yes you can use all functionality without being a licensed ham. But you must be a subscriber, trial users are having a limited access to functions.

73 de Johan
im interested in cw mode. any info for the connections ect ie do i need a morse key ect. i wrote this while looking at all the facilaties avaiable. still sorting the system. cheers any info mike g0kkv
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