Hello all,
I use Hamsphere on a netbook which is always with me and secure. Is there any way to keep my callsign and password displayed on the software so I can login without retyping this information each time? Again...this is a secure computer with no other users. Thanks for any help. This is a fantastic program and service which I love!
David Green
Re: Keeping Login Info on Hamsphere
2010-01-14 15:33
Hello David.

Thank you for using HamSphere.

In the normal case both the username and password is saved in the hs20.cfg file and they should be filled in automatically next time you start the program.
But it has come to my attention that if HamSphere is re-installed, this file sometimes becomes write protected.

The remedy have been to remove the hs20.cfg file and restart HamSphere. But it has not always worked due to the user logged into windows. In all windows versions you can either be a normal user or an administrator. If you are an admin, there will never be a file restriction issue, but when you use windows as a "user", file rights step in action.

I have also heard from someone, and there is a thread about this on this forum, that you can alter the file writing rights to the HamSphere directory so that the hs20.cfg becomes writable.

You will find the HamSphere installation under \Program files\hamsphere. As far as I can recall, the installation program leaves an uninstall program there too. I haven't tried using that uninstaller yet as I never had a problem with the file rights of hs20.cfg, but it may work.

Re: Keeping Login Info on Hamsphere
2011-06-22 08:34
Re: OSL Card
2012-05-09 04:56
Dear Friends,
I am a registered DX operater on H/S and I receive QSL cads from stations I work. I am not able to reciprocate as I have hitherto failled to upload my QSL card. My O/S is Windows 7 ultimate and I operate on H/S 3 version.
Any hints.
Vy 7 3,
Re: OSL Card
2012-05-15 15:25
Hello Nihal:

Your message is under another topic, so it may not get seen as much as it could. If I can't help you, you might want to post your question as a new thread.

There are a couple of DX stations that I have contacted which are also having difficulty in getting their QSL cards made. I would be sad if the lack of a QSL card kept any stations off the air, so hopefully we can find a way to help all who want to get a card made.

I have Windows 7, so I don't think that is a problem.

A good description of the QSL editor is here: http://www.hamsphere.com/qsledit.php

A video to help once you've got the initial template loaded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-DXkjwRUq0

If neither of those answer your question, then send me a PM with a detailed description of your problem. I may be able to help.

73 and Good Luck,
Re: OSL Card
2012-06-05 03:14
Hello Mike,
Thank you for your valuable response, I did manage to up-load my QSL card using the HS template for starters. I also managed to send three QSL's while on HS by clicking the time line on the qso list.
My problem now is to send QSL cards to stations I worked earlier, say last moth. I have entered the details into the log but, I do not see how I could send the card??? The 'S' on the top RHS of the log sheet is not activated.
I would be much obliged to have your advise on how to get over this problem.
Than you,
7 3,
Re: OSL Card
2012-06-05 05:20
Hi Nihal:

It is great news that you have a QSL card now and are able to send it to the stations you are contacting! Maybe I will hear you on HS some day and we will be able to exchange cards. I have been trying to help another Sri Lanka station get his card made, but it is hard to do over PM messages. I know he is also anxious to get one made so that he can send it to the stations he contacted in the past.

I tried an experiment here. I entered a pretend contact into my log book from 1 month ago. I used a real call sign for the entry and it did show up in my log book on that date. I was able to click on the "s" to start the process of sending a card. I didn't send a card, of course, but it looks like it was going to let me do it.

To clarify, I did all of this while I was logged in to the HamSphere "receiver". I don't know any way to enter contacts and send QSL cards without being logged in to the receiver. Is that where you were doing it?

Your question is a good question to ask Kelly through the "support" link. Up at the top of this page, when you are logged in to hamsphere.com, you should see a "Support" icon that looks like a life-saving ring. You can click on that to take you to the support page. On that page, select "Contact HamSphere" and ask your question just like you did here. Kelly is very good about answering support questions when he can.

Good luck with getting this last part of your issue figured out. I think it is great that you are trying hard to get cards out to those stations you contacted in the past.

Re: How do I keep Login Info on Hamsphere?
2012-06-06 06:35
Hello Again, Nihal:

I just talked to you on HamSphere (17m band). It is great that you are active now that you have a QSL card to send.

Re: How do I change my name
2012-07-17 16:37
i wish to change my name from kevin wratten to just kevin,as it takes 2 much
room up on qsl cards,a small mistake on my part when i signed up on the trial
Re: How do I change my name
2012-07-17 20:31
You can go to the SETTINGS icon in the HAMSPHERE FORUM and change your NAME .....


Good luck 73

Re: Keeping Login Info on Hamsphere
2013-02-15 16:25
many thanks for help.
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