2012-06-11 02:35
How do you set up a broadcast station?
Re: Broadcasting
2012-06-12 02:58
I was wondering if there was something you had to do special to run one on hamsphere.
Re: Broadcasting
2013-01-06 22:04
Basically, you connect up whatever you want to transmit, find a clear frequency, and go for it, not forgetting to adjust your mic gain and power to suit.

Don't forget to respect copyright - if the material you wish to broadcast is copyrighted, and you don't have a license to broadcast it, you WILL get a visit from the MAFIAA, and a court case seeking extortionate damages.

Unless you already have a broadcast license, it's best to stick to Public Domain (generally, this means >50 years old) and Creative Commons material.

26HS2308 Phil.
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