newsletter trial extension
2012-05-30 00:12
hi all how do i activate the trial extension mentioned in the newsletter email?
Re: newsletter trial extension
2012-05-31 23:31
thanks for nothing! when my brother moved out he left this computer here i started using it and was interested in hamsphere but his trial had ended so i joined and got my own 5 day trial
2 days before my trial ended i recieved an email about the may/june news letter which clearly stated a trial extension however no such extension exists! 5 fixed days is not long enough to learn the software/protocols on hamshpere! maybe a rolling 3 day trial would be better using our log ins
i have a life ive only been on a couple of times and my trial is up! and the reply email to my forum post and support question? subscribe! the small amount of time i used hamshpere is not enough
my brother said with kellys extension he got longer than 5 days so why the difference? the only thought i had was you think we are both the same user having the same ip/mac what i saw was good but not enough to evaluation time for me 30 euro a year is a lot of money after all!
Re: newsletter trial extension
2012-06-01 16:01

The trial period on Hamsphere is 5 Days.

The trail period can be extended by 1 week by sending an e-mail to and requesting an extension.

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