I'm having several odd issues with my account. First, I was unable to log in recently. The "Forgotten Password" form told me my email didn't exist, so I submitted a ticket and that was resolved. Now that I'm logged in again (I was deployed for awhile and haven't been on since May 2014) I see that I have absolutely ZERO received and sent QSL cards, but my Log Book still has everything I've done from the past (sent/received QSLs). This includes my templates as well, all gone. My final issue is my registration date along with last activity is wrong.

2014-08-19 17:27
Last Activity:
2014-12-06 21:05

This isn't possible, I was deployed and unable to use it. I also still have activity in my log book that PRE-DATES my registration date:
30 Aug 2012 08:18 26HS46XX XXXX 7055 DSB 59 NORFOLK / GB X X

Also my Real Name and QTH were wrong. It was something like Ergot at Hudson. Definitely not correct. So it looks like somebody got into my account, changed my email, deleted my QSL cards and template. Or, since my account was inactive for awhile my callsign was assigned to a different user and now THEY too are messed up.
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