Hamsphere doesn't load.
2014-03-08 08:39
Hi everyone,

Newbie here; Doc - 79HS1619 - Luzon, Philippines. My new laptop's OS is Windows 8.1, and it's not one I like much. I've downloaded the latest Java and when I downloaded and installed Hamsphere I get the error message:

No JVM could be found on your system. Please define EXE4J_JAVAHOME to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JRE or download a JRE
from www.java.com.

So my question is, How does one point one application at another application in an attempt to make the second application work?

Looking forward to all of your helpful replies.


Re: Hamsphere doesn't load.
2014-12-12 12:44
yes its happening eith me too ... what should i do?
Re: Hamsphere doesn't load.
2014-12-12 12:45
yes its happening eith me too ... what should i do?
.....reply me at simrandeepchahal95@gmail.com
Re: Hamsphere doesn't load.
2014-12-13 12:46

For WIN 8 only use Version!

Installing instructions:


4. Windows 8, 64-bit:You must install Java version 7, release 10 and above. Also you need to run HamSphere as Administrator. Download the JAR file, save it on your desktop, right click and Open As "Open with Java (TM) Platform SE Binary".


73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
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