Very bad mic audio with tablet-pc on hs.
2013-03-02 18:18
Hello, my name is Jürgen / Joe. Have been active some time ago on HS. Now on trial mode because testing my new tablet-Pc, TAGI, T-920.
Android Version 4.0.3. Installed: hamsphere beta 2.33.apk. ( several times to be shure ) Also Skype and Echolink both working 100% ok.
All features I can get on trial mode are working well, only my mod is bad seems to be distorted or anything else, not to read.
Mic gain and mod on other apps 100% ok. Also with on board recorder. Worked with lowest level on hs. Not better, always the same troubles, if more or less mic gain, only more or less loudness. Mic gain I cannot adjust in tablet-pc.
Please tell me if you have similar or " NO " troubles with hs on tablet-pc and perhaps what you did to get rid of this.

I hope that anyone can help me. Thanks, 73, Jürgen / Joe
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