!!! Greenland on HS4 - OX3/WL1B - March 12th, 2017 !!!
2017-03-11 22:31
GREENLAND ON HS4. Brandin, the artic wolf, is in Daneborg!

Sunday, 12-March, 2017 OX3/WL1B Special Event Operation from Daneborg, Greenland, HQ94vh.
1300-1700 UTC: transmitting 14.240 MHz / listening 14.245
1900-2300 UTC: transmitting 7.020 MHz / listening 7.025

LIST OPERATION with NCS stations on 14.275 (13-17z) and 7.045 (19-23z).
Net Control stations are UR5FAI, 14HS1, 9HS4755 and NA1NA.

For your consideration:
• Remember, OX3/WL1B will be using split operation.
• He will enjoy a high speed internet connection, so latency/delay will not be a problem, but keep in mind that Greenland is connected by satellite feed, so observe a 1 second delay before hitting the PTT with OX3/WL1B.
• Notice there is a 2 hour break between the 20 and 40m operations.
• Please use a ‘contest style’ exchange. OX3/WL1B should average 40 contacts per hour. He will have the capacity to work 320 stations total in 8 hours. This, of course, is if EVERYTHING goes correctly. So, be patient!
• NCS list frequencies of 14.275 and 7.045 MHz.
• Frequencies, times, NCS stations are all subject to band conditions.

73, NA1NA

73 de 14HS1 Pat
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