Short HS Callsigns on HamSphere - Vanity HS Call signs
2014-09-05 21:46
Dear Operators.

On public demand we are now issuing special short HS call signs.
These short call signs save calling time and are great for DX work and for Pileups.

1 digit suffix call signs are designed with the suffix 1-9 such as 21HS1 or 2HS2
2 digit suffix call signs are designed with the suffix 10-99 such as 21HS10 or 26HS26

The price for the 1 digit suffix is 100 Euro per year.
The price for the 2 digit suffix is 60 Euro per year.

These call signs are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Order instructions:

Email with the following info:

1. Requested HS call sign based on your country prefix code
2. Name
3. QTH
4. Email (Must be different than your normal HamSphere account and not exist in our database already)
5. Coordinates Lat / Long in decimal form

You will receive a confirmation email with payment information.
When the account has been paid in full you will receive the login information.

Please note! We will not change a normal HS account to a special HS account.
Both HS3 and HS4 are included in these accounts.