Cannot log in
2012-04-26 05:43
Greetings to all. when i try and log in i get an "error code:3208"
any suggestions?
Re: Cannot log in
2012-04-26 05:59

3208 means that the selected recording device is either not working or not supporting the HamSphere audio format. Sometimes you will need a microphone physically connected to the 3.5 mm jack in order to activate the audio driver. You can also try to select a different device by using the command /record x where x is the device number. You can get a list of devices by typing /devices. If you still cannot get a device working you can get a USB headset. USB headsets are inexpensive and have proven to work really well with HamSphere.

So first try this:
In the HamSphere chat type:

/record 1

Then try to reconnect to one of the servers.


/record 2

Then reconnect to one of the servers.

You can also issue the command /devices that will give you a list of audio devices in your machine. In that way you can find the proper recording device. If your audio card does not support the 8kHz sampling that HamSphere uses (However most cards do), the only remedy is to get an ordinary USB headset such as Logitech. They are relatively cheap to buy and are a handy tool for your PC.

Re: Cannot log in
2012-04-27 04:18
thanks got it working! can this program pick up frequency 160.800 on channel 46/46?
Re: Cannot log in
2012-04-27 14:43
impossible de se connecter avec mon indicatif et mon code alord que j'ai souscrit
Re: Cannot log in
2012-04-29 04:05
mmmm i don't know what you mean.?????
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