Re: Can't Hear anything on HAMSPHERE 4.0
2019-11-04 17:13
Thanks for the feedback but I don't know your name and call sign. I think I am done with screwing with HS4. Although the rig looks like the real thing, what good is it, if it doesn't work? I have been battling this problem for years now. It would be nice to make HS3 to add other features. I do like the idea of having 6M band and it probably won't be hard to add 2 meters as well. Of course, we are looking local except for 2 M, through repeater. Throw in some antennas at a much lower cost, and I could afford to buy some. Meanwhile, HS3 is doable and can be made up pretty good. It would be nice to get some rare DX but it is not necessary for me as I believe I can do what I need with HS3. Of course, entering contests would not be as favorable. Oh well! What can I say? The guys on Facebook and general support has been very good in answering some of my questions. They keep saying to make sure to allow open ports for 5000-5004 open for Ham Sphere which I have done. I even turned off the protection on my fire wall for a spell but that didn't help the HS4 issue. I think a good idea would be to set up a webinar and deal with these issues with HS4. I am sure there would be a lot of interest in getting people to tune in. Anyway, 73's and talk to you later.
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