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Start your own NET on HamSphere for free
2021-12-20 12:20
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HamSphere is introducing a new call sign NET/NAME for any NET operator on HamSphere.

The purpose of this call sign is to identify a NET name and its controller. For example: NET/NARC which is the Network Control operator of the North American Rag Chew Net.

This is a Free-To-air call sign that any operator on HamSphere can apply for.

The criteria:

The account is 100% free of charge and approved to use provided that:

1. The call sign must hold regular NETs on HamSphere at least once a week.
2. The call sign must not be used in any other activity than the NET it belongs to.
3. The call sign can be shared by many controllers for a NET. But only used by one at the time.
4. The NET must have at least 2 check-ins excluding the Network Operator for each valid NET.

If you have an idea for a NET on HamSphere, feel free to apply for your NET/CALL right now.

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