Reporting Forum Posts X(
2010-10-14 06:10
In resent months the administrators and moderators have seen an increase in the number of forum posts being reported to us. The reason for these reports has ranged from 'no reason given' to 'My HamSphere isn't working'.

The purpose of the Report button on a forum post is not to let us know that you have posted, it is not to ask a question or complain that you are having problems with HamSphere, it is not for clicking at random when you feel like it. The Report button is intend for use when you find a post that breaches the forum rules.

Click report if:

The post contains spam or advertising.

The post is for sharing warez, ilegal downloads, software serials or passwords, or viruses and malware.

The post is abusive, harassment, threatening or flaming.

The post is irrelevant either to ham radio, to HamSphere, or to the subject of the thread.

The post is in the wrong forum section e.g A question or complaint in Introduce Yourself.

The post represents religious or racial intolerance, incitement to violence, or vandalism.

The post breaches national or international law in any other way.

This list is not definitive and may be amended over time.

All reports will be investigated and, if the report proves to be valid, appropriate action will be taken.
If a user misuses the Report system, making frivolous or malicious reports, appropriate action will be taken.


Hamsphere Forum Moderator