HamSphere North America Rag Chew Net
2021-04-14 14:15
The HamSphere North American Rag Chew Net meets each and every Wednesday and Saturday at 01:00 U.T.C., on 434.500 (70CM). The Net Control is NET/NARC. Our Net Control Volunteers are VE3UWA - Wayne; VA7FT - Tim; KI7WZB - Jim; KD9TQH - Bob; and M6INJ- Pete. Our Volunteer Net Loggers are 2HS1189 - Rik and M7SBC - Andrw. As well, M6INJ - Pete is managing this Forum for the NARC for those who do not have access to a Face Book account.

The check in portion and the discussion, questions and answers, and presentations are carried out on the 70 CM Band at 434.5.

The name has North America in it, but we actively welcome all HS operators to come and join in and be an active part of this net. We look forward to having you join us for each session.

We have set up a Gmail Account for the HamSphere North America Rag Chew net. The purpose of this email if a new or experienced operator has a question that is difficult to deal with via HamSphere HS - an email can be sent to this email address and measures can be taken to answer the questions or assist with any challenges.

The email address is:
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