2016-08-30 09:27
Qsl card confirmation is a prerequisite for radio the operator. A lot of bad (operators) ignore, even DX stations. these are 147HS781 and so on. The only QSO on HamSphere 3 about 1230 QSO, they reaffirmed 967 QSO. Many operators complain of this state of Affairs. I ask the moderators to pay attention to these bad (operators).

Подтверждение QSL карточки это обязательное условие для радиолюбителя. Многие плохие (операторы) игнорируют, и даже DX-станции. это как 147HS781 и так далее. Я провёл QSO на HamSphere 3 около 1230 связей, всего подтверждённых 967 QSO. Многие операторы жалуются на такое положение дел. Просим модераторов обратить внимание на эти плохих (операторов).
2016-09-15 14:51
Sending out QSL is NOT mandatory. Sending out a QSL card is entirely voluntary and hence nobody should consider a non-receipt of QSL card from an operator to be indicative of whether he is good or bad. Traditionally Ham Radio operators do send QSL cards confirming valid QSO with another station, but it is simply a matter of courtesy. It is entirely up to the DX op whether he wishes to send a card or not.

The objective of a QSL card is primarily to record important details of a QSO for future reference. Hence, a QSL must indicate the correct Time, Date and frequency band. It must also indicate the mode of operation SSB(USB/LSB), CW, PSK31, SSTV or whatever.. The most important noting in a QSL card should be a true signal Report in the established RST/RS format as applicable. Last but not the least, you must indicate your working conditions. In other words, the Power level used during the QSO and the Antenna that was used are important parts of information.. Without these the Signal Report is essentially incomplete because different TX power levels and different antennas would yield different performance and hence the signal report will also change.

Of course, you can have a nice and fancy design with various background images but they serve no useful purpose other than eye-candy. You actually need not have a fancy card as long as it carries correct and authentic set of information as listed in the above paragraph. Without these, a QSL card is pointless and meaningless.

Please do send out QSL cards after valid QSOs. It is courteous to do so. However, do not fall for it if someone says that "Sending QSL card is a pre-requisite for Ham Radio".. Do not believe in such ridiculous statements.

73, de Basu VU2NSB
2019-04-20 14:25
j'ai fait un qso sur 10 mtrs avec PY3TD/M
impossible de revoir la QSL je ne trouve pas comment voir la QSL et repondre par une QSL !!!!
merci pour l'info F4ABQ
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