Need Help in Setting Up a BC Station
2016-01-05 23:17
Hi all...

I am considering setting up a Hamsphere 4.0 BC station and would appreciate any advice from those of you that have done so. I've tried to search the forums but the search feature does not seem to be working. I also checked Youtube for any videos on the topic and didn't find anything of value. Finally, I've joined the BC group on Facebook but can't find specific information I am looking for.

I've contacted support and they sent me the forms for setting up a station; however, I have still have some questions concerning how to interface dj (mixing/automated) software with my transceiver.

Any advice or suggestions on software and software interfacing would be greatly appreciated.

TNX in advance.


Re: Need Help in Setting Up a BC Station
2016-01-05 23:44
I am considering using one of the following software packages:

Virtual DJ
Radio DJ
Radio Boss

Pros and cons and well as interface advice will be greatly appreciated.
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