Question re Verson 3 + 4
2015-11-12 04:13

Im a Trial user and considering upgrading to full membership.

Right I was observing to a QSO on HS3 on Freq 18.170.00 Then switched over to HS 4 and listened on the same freq 18.170 but there was no QSO i switched back and it was still going I wondered why I could not hear the QSO The only reason I was trying out HS$ was that this was the first time I had loaded and tried out the HS4 app. Hence the first time in running it. I then found it was also not receiving any QSOs at all? So that said I will have to have a look to see what I have done r not done I would think.

Can I still use HS4 in trial usr status and should I be able to use it fully?

The other question I would like to ask might seam a little strange and that is It says that Hamsphere is a simulation programme Yes? So I just wanted to know if that is the case are the QSOs even though actually between at least two live members Does the QSO take place in cyberspace or on/over the actual airwaves? That said is the QRM you hear digitally made and injected on the QSOs. Also the fade in/out that you hear representing the skip coming/going like natural phonomina. Also If the Hamsphere is just a sim service no one out of the Hamsphere network can hear you. For instance such as a Short Wave listener with a General coverage receiver f he was to tune into 18.170.00 he would also not be able to receive a Hamsphere QSO. Is this correct?

Finally I think the question I need answered is should I be able to use both HS3 and HS4 fully on a trial membership?

regards Andy M3WAV
Re: Question re Verson 3 + 4
2015-11-12 12:30
Hi Andy,

HamSphere is NOT a real gateway to HF (like Echolink etc.).
So the Ionosphere is just simulated and the background is the VoIP protocol of the internet (like Skype, todays Telephone and so on).
You can't hear the QSOs on real radios and also not the real QSOs on HamSphere.

2nd: Also the two systems 3 and 4 are independent, so you can't listen on HS4 to the QSOs which are made on HS3 and reverse.
Each system is "closed".

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
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