SSTV as a Repeater / Beacon on HS3
2015-05-03 10:11
Hello Friends

I have been playing around with MMSSTV quite a bit on HS3.
Recently I set up my MMSSTV to be a Repeater / Beacon and been trying to get familiar with it on HS3.

Would it be possible to set up an SSTV Beacon / Repeater on HS3 ?
If possible can HS3 be programmed to switch over to TX mode say every 580 seconds, since my MMSSTV acts as a Beacon / Repeater every 600 seconds.

If this is possible then a number of SSTV Beacons can operate on the same frequency (each Beacon is activated by a particular tone, example 750 / 1000 / 1477 etc. which any user can select to tx / rx a particular Beacon.

The main issue here is can HS3 be programmed to change to TX mode on say 10.195 Mhz at say every 580 seconds.

Perhaps this may help in increasing further Digital activity on HS3 and 30 metres.

Re: .SSTV as a Repeater / Beacon on HS3
2015-05-11 17:12
Got the Beacon / Repeater working with the help of Francis. I am grateful for all the time and patience in guiding me on how to make my SSTV Beacon fully automatic on HS3.

Here is how Francis did it

In settings we changed the VOX settings as follows -
Gain was set at 8
Delay was set to 1200 ms
Thats it nothing else

A brief description on my Beacon / Repeater works -

To activate the Repeater send a Tone of 1000 from your MMSSTV programme for 3 seconds.
The default setting is 1750 in the MMSSTV programme, to change this just Right click on 1750 and enter Tone frequency of 1000.

After you have sent 1000 Hz tone immediately go to RX and wait for my CW ID.

After my CW ID send your picture.

On receipt of your picture my Repeater will Replay your picture..

The Beacon transmits a picture every 600 seconds.

On weekdays I try and run the Repeater from 10.00 to 15.00 UTC. On Sundays you can find me running the Repeater from around 06.00 UTC. The frequency is 10.190.

You can also find me testing the Repeater on HS4 during these times on the same frequency.

Remember to have the Repeater / Beacon TX automatically VOX settings on HS3 are critical.

Another Repeater run by Francis can be activated with the 2000 Hz tone.

So now that you know how my Repeater / Beacon works why dont you also set up a SSTV Beacon on HS3.
An excellent tutorial on how to change your MMSSTV programme to MMSSTV Repeater go to this site-

Another web site -

Looking forward to seeing many more beacons on HS3

Re: SSTV as a Repeater / Beacon on HS3
2015-05-14 14:30
Additions to my above posts.

If you want to run a beacon you need to select VOX on Hamsphere Panel.
By selecting VOX you need to set your sound card level so that when your MMSSTV starts sending a picture VOX is activated on Hamsphere, for this to happen experiment with your sound card volume setting, I have set it at around level 30.
Do not select PTT when VOX is selected,

My VOX settings are Gain at 8 and Delay at 1200 ms on Hamsphere.

You can change your VOX levels by clicking on Settings on you Hamsphere panel. One thing I have noticed is that many times the VOX settings get reset to there default levels so take care that they are at the levels you have selected.

If any one wants to set a SSTV Repeater / Beacon do not select Tone 1000 since my Repeater is set to that Tone.

Comments are always welcome.

I wonder whether it is possible to run Fldigi or DM780 as a beacon, any ideas

Re: SSTV as a Repeater / Beacon on HS3
2015-05-15 13:27
Last few days have been testing the Repeater / Beacon with Francis 15HS623. Happy to say we have ironed out most of the kinks and the Repeater / Beacon worked very well with the SSTV pile up on Sunday
Thanks to all for there reports and help

Re: SSTV as a Repeater / Beacon on HS3
2020-07-31 21:40
Is the sstv repeater still in operation?
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