Server selection at Hamsphere 4
2015-03-17 18:35
Dear all users of Hamspher4,

I was used to from the 3 Version ago that you could choose a server -..> z Zt only

1: St. Louis, USA
6: Dusseldorf, DE
3: Paris, FR
8: Cologne, DE

so that I could hear much more and work than the 4 version ...

I've done tests and had to Determine the Version 3 I was able to station work and, above all, listening ..

With the 4 version, I can not select more servers and many stations I can no longer work and listening ...

what I do is inverted or not Available ...

I must Expensive Accessories Buy ??

Best regards

Stefan DC7SQ
Re: Server selection at Hamsphere 4
2015-03-18 12:58
Hi Stefan,

in HS 4 it's like in the "real HF world": There are no selectable servers as well. ;-)
The current server (you are working) is depending on your location / QTH, in your case maybe Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Köln or München (we have in Germany with 4 servers the most HamSphere servers all over the world now).

It is not necessary to buy many plugins/antennas - to make good QSOs. Just be patient and look ahead the propagations.
In HS 3 it is not "real" (more like Skype and so on).... on a real radio you can't change a server / your location.
We always have to live with the current propagation - and it's the same on HS 4.

Beste Grüße in die Nachbarschaft. :-)

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: Server selection at Hamsphere 4
2016-10-13 20:14
unable to load h4 server not found. running windows 10 with the latest java ??????????????????
Re: Server selection at Hamsphere 4
2016-10-13 20:15
Re: Server selection at Hamsphere 4
2018-02-13 15:24
I have a mac running sierra. Have dwnloaded and install hamsphere 4, when login i have mesage "can not load server list. please make sure you are connected to internet ??

All the others functions of this mac work well with internet. What do i do ?
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