Awards on HamSphere
2013-06-17 17:50
Hello to all,

I think that the DXHC awards from HamSphere meets a great success within the HS operators.

I think it should also be interesting to develop this in the future and this will automaticaly promote activity and subscriptions on the system.

So why not creating further awards, not necessary so easay as that to achieve, such as for example :

France => WAF worked all France by having all 95 French Departements from the Metropole logged and confirmed

Brazil = WAB worked all Brazil by having the 27 States of Brazil logged and confirmed

Japan = WAJ worked all Japan by having the 6 regions and 47 prefectures logged and confirmed

Russia = WAR worked all Russia by having the 21 republics and the 47 oblasts logged and confirmed

Germany = WAG worked all Germany by having the 16 lands (LÄNDER) and the 25 DOK ref logged and confirmed

This is only an idea and a suggestion of course but why not ?

Whish you all an very nice wéék and nice contacts and DX on HamSphere - make friends


16 HS 187
Loc JO 20 VN
Also ON0007SWL-ONL 5982
Re: Awards on HamSphere
2013-06-25 16:04
Hello, yes we need more awards on Hamphere, but because on hamSphere every award is counted by the programme this is very dificult to organise. I think maybe some hamsphere operators can be award managers for few awards. For exemple i can be the manager for the french award, if operators have enought départements they send me a list and i can send directly the award. The ares thousands of awards in amateur radio,
so it is not possible for hamSphere to organise all this job. But we can organise this if hamsphere give autorisation to do it. Also i dont know how to make a nice award ( graphics ) but i think in the hamsphere comunauty some friends can help to do this. So Mister Kelly what do you think about this ? Thank you.

Re: Awards on HamSphere
2015-01-23 07:33
Hello, may i know how do i get or claim the award? I already received 25 qsl cards.
Re: Awards on HamSphere
2015-10-24 08:14
Yes , i don't know how to get the award i have 25 confirmed countries
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