Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-09-29 03:49
-We are starting a New Awards Program on- 15 OCTOBER- Here for All Hamsphere-Members-
You will be able to work for Certificates that you will Receive --FREE--by Email for you
to Print the awards---- for Membership /Contacts/WAS/DXCC/ETC
You will Contact and Log Station worked on Hamsphere on Any Band-at anytime--anywhere
we will Send you a Hamsphere Worksheet that you will fill out and send back to us--
We will be sending a -QST-Bulletins on 14.240mhz threw out the weeks---
To--JOIN--send your --EMAIL--Address to w7riths@gmail.com Thank You--Red
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-09-29 13:37
I need to correct email as above to read w7riths@gmail.com
All Email Address Will Be Keep private!!!!
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-09-30 18:55
Our Hamsphere Awards Program is Ready to Go Now!!!!
Listen on 14.240mhz for QST-Bulletins ---Checkin for info--your email address will be keep private w7riths@gmail.com website www.w7rit.tk 73 thank you
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-10-01 02:49
We will start our First Hamsphere Awards Discussion Net on 14.240mhz
Thurs GMT 0200 Hours ( with is Wed 7:00 PST 10:00 EST )
please checkin and get all information----we will talk about all Awards available --
Contact -Red-- to sign up w7riths@gmail.com
Contact--Dick-- for Hampsphere Awards--- dickzenge@gmail.com
website http://www.w7rit.tk
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-10-18 02:38
this kf7fef i have been having problem contacting you sense my first contact on hamshere 14.240.00 . have you started the net yet? I have sent you two emails have no response.
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-10-23 03:46
The Hamsphere Awards program has started----I have moved and just got internet working---Be sure to send me your -email address--and Ham Call Sign or Hamsphere Call Sign to sign up for the program-- to w7riths@gmail.com i will send you WorkSheets to use ----
go to our website www.w7rit.tk
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2011-10-27 10:10
UPDATE: -- TO JOIN --And Receive Hamsphere Awards Send Me Your
--1--Email Address --2--Hamsphere Call Sign --3--Your Name To Put On Certificate!!
to w7riths@gmail.com go to our website www.w7rit.tk Thank You Red

73 Red w7riths@gmail.com
Re: Hamsphere Awards Program
2020-07-01 08:40
E-mail: srobgyn@gmail.com
Callsign: YC2GTB
Name on certificate: Dr. dr. Soerjo Hadijono Obgyn
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