1-8 Group
2015-05-11 18:05
Hello everyone and welcome to the 18 Group

The idea of starting this group came after many of the first stations who joined in on the 18.155 channel on 17m seemed to meet up on a regular basis, and as a group we wanted to be approachable for everyone.

The 18 Group net is run by Net control by its members 7 evenings a week running from
20.00 – 22.00 UK time, and we welcome anyone to join us either by chatting or just listening.

The Net Controller has total control of the group welcoming in Hamsphere users, and the Net controller will maintain a list of those who have called into the group with their call sign’s placed onto a list. Should any issues arise with difficult stations please let net control handle the situation, and they will hand the net over to Admin if they are called in to deal with any problems.

The 18 Group is there to chat, offer advice on computers, radios, rules, qsl card design and many more issues that arises throughout the nights net, and I expect all those joining the 18 group to wait until they are called by Net control so they are not doubling over each other.
We are currently building the following web site http://www.1-8group.co.uk which is available and there will be an area for your comments and suggestions, however nothing rude or offensive will be allowed onto the web site so please check what you are writing or it can be rejected by the administrators of the site.

Our aim in the 18 Group net is to be open, friendly, and funny at times for all those who join us, and we hope that many will go from being a trial user to a subscriber when they have a great time using Hamsphere.

I am Net Control on Wednesday and Saturday evenings with other members of the group taking the other nights, and I would encourage any members of the group who feel able and have the time to give Net control a try as I find it most enjoyable and fun.

Chat soon Warmest regards

Tina M1CPH.
Re: 1-8 Group
2015-06-19 01:53
Dear 1-8 Group,
Do you have a face book name?



Re: 1-8 Group/message from Tina into spanish
2015-09-06 10:46
Un saludo a todo el mundo y bienvenidos al Grupo 18 (18 GROUP)
La idea de iniciar este Grupo surgió de que muchas de las primeras unidades que se juntaban en la frec.18.155 canal de los 17 m., solían reunirse como grupo y es por ello que quisimos acercarnos a todo el mundo como tal.

La Net del Grupo 18 (18 GROUP) tiene una persona que lleva el control y es uno de sus miembros. Estamos las siete tardes de la semana de las 20.00 a las 22:00 hora inglesa. Damos la bienvenida a todos aquellos que quieran unirse a nosotros bien hablando, bien escuchando.
El controlador de la Net (Net controller) tiene un conocimiento total de todos los usuarios que se incorporan a Hamsphere y como tal, llevará un listado de todos aquellos que llamen en la frecuencia del Grupo (18.155) debiendo indicar, cuando lo hagan, su indicativo y nombre personal. Si surgiera algún problema con cualquier unidad, deja que sea el Controlador (Net controller) quién se ocupe del asunto; el lo hará seguir al Administrador quién será el que lo soluciones si así se lo piden.

El Grupo 18 (18 GROUP) está para hablar, anunciar ordenadores, radios, Reglas, diseños de QSLs y muchos otros asuntos que puedan surgir durante las noches de emisión. Ruego que aquellos que se unan al Grupo 18 (18GROUP) que esperen a ser llamados por el controlador de la Net, con el fín de evitar que se sobremodulen varias estaciones.

Venimos construyendo la Web htt://www.1-8 group.co.uk que está a disposición de quién quiera visitarla y allí habrá un área para sugerencias y comentarios; no se permitirá nada ofensivo ni grosero, por lo que agradeceremos miréis bien lo que habéis escrito antes de enviarlo o el Administrador de la Web lo echará para atrás.

Nuestro deseo es de que el Grupo 18 (18 Group) sea un grupo abierto, amigable, incluso divertido, para aquellos que se os unen. Esperamos por ello que muchos lleguen a suscribirse a Hamsphere.

Yo dirijo (soy el Net Controll) los jueves y sábados por la tarde; el resto de la semana lo hacen los otros miembros. Animo a cualquiera del Grupo que se sienta con ánimo y tenga tiempo, a que haga de Net Controll porque yo lo encuentro de lo más agradable y divertido.

Hablaremos pronto. Cordiales saludos
Re: 1-8 Group
2015-09-06 19:59
I would like to be a net control for any net needed . My call 2hs4070. Thank you
Re: 1-8 Group
2015-10-03 20:50
Hello 1-8 group I have been a following this group for a while and ill gladly help out anyway that I possible can
Re: 1-8 Group
2015-11-07 19:28
Hi Tina,

I heard the 18 group on frequency last week and I've been trying to figure out what I was hearing ever since. Just happened to catch your introduction today and heard the info I needed to get in touch. I love the concept, I look forward to being a participant in the near future. Also I would love to work towards being a trustworthy backup operator for net control. What a great thing you guys are doing. I think it provides great radio on hamsphere for new users to learn and for listeners to enjoy. You provide a great example.

Can't wait to catch you on frequency.


Ontario, Canada
Re: 1-8 Group
2015-12-28 12:25
Love the group
Friendly any very helpful with any issues you may have.

Keep up with the good work

Alberto Madeira Jr
Re: 1-8 Group
2016-11-06 15:59
Re: 1-8 Group
2016-12-13 02:43
ME also like to know where is the 1-8 Group has gone... ! please let us know.. take care because we care, Bill - Aloha -
Re: 1-8 Group
2017-07-19 19:43
First night listening on Hamsphere today and was really interesting listening to the 1-8 group tonight.
I might have the nerve to speak one night.
Re: 1-8 Group
2018-04-23 04:27
i miss the 1-8 group it was sad to hear that the group has been disbanded i really enjoyed chatting with the members there when i use to be able to make it into the chat.

9HS3584 - Savanna.
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