DX Lunch Net 14.260
2014-06-19 09:52
This net will be a DX QSO Relay net with Check ins and information about current topics of your choice... You may relay information about certain hamsphere stations you have worked... We will mainly be interested in current clusters of DX, although all traffic is welcome into the net... The net format will be as follows and laid out in the below paragraph...

1. Net Controller (2HS510) will identify net is on the air
2. Priority Coordination of DX QSOs Stations wishing to make a QSO will call in with there callsign and the callsign of the station they wish to work from the list of checked in DX stations...
3. Net ID and call for check ins
4. Check in segment
5. Coordination of DX QSOs
6. Update on DX countries on the air at the time of the net.
7. Call for Check ins and Re Checks
8. Net ID and calls for any DX QSO Coordination At this time only DX QSO stations will talk
9. Net ID and final check in call
10. Net Controller (2HS510) will sign the net off and return frequency to normal operation

Net times and Frequencies

Net Frequencies will be 14.260 and Alternate frequency will be 14.230 and on 6 meters 50.180

Times will be 10-12 UTC
18-20 UTC

Hope to see you all on the NET

73s 2HS510 Billy in CO
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