Weather Net
2011-01-23 18:42
Hello everyone,

I'm Jeremy 2hs415. I'm looking to start the weather net back up and I'd like to know what kind of interest there would be for it and also what time the net would be best for everyone.
Re: Weather Net
2011-01-26 11:20
Is there no interest in the Weather Net?
Re: Weather Net
2011-01-29 01:00
Hi! I'm new here, but have always been interested in weather. I'd at least listen! ;o) Whatch got in mind? Chat or broadcast a stream?

Harry - 2HS531
Re: Weather Net
2011-01-29 01:50
Hi Jeremy,
I´m interested in weather net, why not?
I always ask the WX conditions to get an idea of the weather changes all over the world.
I think we can make this with a group of stations to cover the world with the reports of all the stations that can send to us the local weather conditions that he consider important.
Also the earthquakes report are interesting, and the special space weather conditions and maybee a special propagation reports.

Luis - 31HS310
Re: Weather Net
2011-01-29 03:24
Hi Jeremy,

Saw your post about starting a weather net. Sounds like an interesting idea.

What day & time did you have in mind?

Joe - 2HS6432
Re: Weather Net
2011-01-29 06:34
Due to weather related damage to my house I'm not able to renew my account. If anyone would like to host the Weather Net please feel free. Sorry guys but I need to put a new roof on my home. My subscription runs out on 2.1.11. I'm really sorry guys.
Re: Weather Net
2011-03-11 20:40
Ok yall the problems with my home have fixed and I'm ready to start the weather net. Who would like to join in? What freq? What time? etc. I'm in the USA in the eastern time zone.
Re: Weather Net
2011-03-17 03:04
I would be interested. I am new to Hamsphere, so I don't have any suggestions... but I would like to participate.

Sam - 2hs3923
Re: Weather Net
2011-05-04 12:04
Hiya Mr. Jeremy.

WX net is a good idea. But, methinks it would not be much use me reporting in to give a WX report for my country. It'd be the same day in, day out....and for anyone who knows Scotland:

CQ CQ....This is 108HS2107 with the latest WX for Scotland:

Rain in the morning...increasing....heavy......
Rain in the afternoon.....cold.....wet.....windy....increasing......
Evening: rain decreasing.....skies cloud looms over town....
Midnight....Black cloud turns out to be carrying a load of hailstones and proceeds to dump them on us in one go.....
Early Morning: Hailstones subside....drizzle starts.......wind picks up again.....washing gets ripped from the clothes-line and ends up in Norway....

And that concludes the WX report. Stay tuned for the latest update, but in all honesty, we reccommend you just record the last WX, and keep playing it back on a daily basis..."

Nope, we'd be of no use at all, what-so-ever with a WX report.

Scottish weather sucks more than an old-timer with no teeth...

CQ Zone: 14 - Grid Square IO87 - Long: 57 40'.00"N - Latt: 02 31' 15"W
Re: Weather Net
2012-02-20 23:54
ok i love to be in your nex so let me know w4bpt Charleston,WV
Re: Weather Net
2012-02-21 20:09
dear OM,i inform you that,i am also interresed,in this weather project,,outside my shack,and the monitor inside,i am following,this year as special,with the strange propagation mysteries,here in belgium,with a semi pro weather station set,because outside of hs,i am also active on Hf,and local vhf-repeater 145.700,and in simplex on local frequenties of ovrc/uba:145.525,specialy evry sundy between 11.00 &12.00 gmt+1,back here in the old continent,on 14.200,almost every day,in the morning round 9 and 10 am,usb mode,and on 27.275,fm,local city freq for cb,and on this freq.,we hear,as soon as there is any sunshine,russian dispatch lady operators,for bus ,cabs or amt,even on the most 40 chls,and on 10mtr band,with sign 9+,and radio 5+++,this is propagation,but they do't need to respect the european -cept-norm(4 wat fm,1 Wt AM and ssb?
As a licensed ham,i respect this,this i my local qso,but i am curious,if the same happens in your location ,because since 1979,i am active as a ham-maniac,and trough my former work,i was also,active on a variety of frequienties,and in my spare time,i used the rigs for ham-contacts(served for almost 30 years in the armed forces,,so i did some personnel expeditions ,while,i was on missions throughout the nato world,73,ON3EO,franco
Re: Weather Net
2012-03-17 04:45
is there still interset in a weather net? I am in tacoma washinton state.
Re: Weather Net
2012-06-02 04:06
Just a thought . . . . I'm fairly new here, but I'm wondering whether it might be more interesting to have a severe weather net, where the focus is on a few people reporting on extreme weather that may be happening either close to or during the QSO time slot. Maybe also including other extreme events besides the weather, and things like the aurora borealis, etc.... That might generate a lot of interest.

2HS966 in Cheney, WA, USA
Re: Weather Net
2012-06-06 08:24
Hi Pete,

That is a fantastic idea. We get a lot of severe weather here in Michigan. I'm a volunteer Skywarn and Spotter Network Storm Spotter and I think this would be very interesting. The smartphone app that Kelly is working on would be ideal for this.
Re: Weather Net
2015-04-24 15:21
Did this ever get started ? I would be interested in reporting and following this
Re: Weather Net
2018-01-19 22:51
will like to see this net going so if i can help let me know
i be a storm chaser for 10 year with the Skywarn program here on the USA


Torrey Sanders
Vestaburg, MI, USA
Storm Chaser/Spotter @
Kent/Montcalm County Skywarn
Skywarn ID 13GR1071
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