New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2013-08-02 03:03
Hello Dear friend,
Its my pleasure to inform you about the new HAM Net starting on Hamsphere from today (02 Aug 2013).
The Net is being organised specially for Indian HamSphere Users, aliens are also welcome !!
I respectfully request your gracious presence in the Net.

Further Details are :
Frequency : 28.455.00 (10m band)
Time (IST) : 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (Daily)
Starting Date : 02 Aug 2013

VU2CC (OM Satish, Ahamdabad)
VU2NSB (OM Basudev, New Delhi)
57HS885 (OM Kuldeep, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan)

Please forward this message to all your HamSphere buddies.
See you in the Net.

Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2013-10-08 13:53
Great net, thanks for letting me get QSO and being entertaining host.
Hope to tune in often.

Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2013-10-08 16:37
Always Welcome my dear friend!
It will be always pleasure for us to listen to you in the Net.

Many Greetings from India.

-- Kuldeep Choudhary
-- 57HS885
Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2013-10-17 05:52
Love to check in on 28.455 each morning and chat on all subjects
Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2014-01-08 22:53

Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2014-01-19 01:58
is there any theme behind this net?
Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2014-01-19 05:35
To Help other operators and to discuss about topics related to Hamsphere and HAM Radio.
Beside this it a place where operators come and share views.

Re: New Net from India starting on 10m (28.455.00)
2014-01-31 18:25
Porquería? Porque? HamSphere is a VIRTUAL Ham Radio world with ionospheric simulation (Voacap) and live-like HAM radio operations (maintaining the standards for regular QSO's). The upcoming Hamsphere version 4 even has a wide range of antenna's where you can experiment with, without necessity to go outside in weather and wind to test and try the real stuff, if you have permission from authorities (and neighbours) to place such antenna's in the real world.

I can't call that a "porquería"... When you can't establish a QSO on your "real" rig, then try and test Hamsphere and its virtual world to see what you are doing wrong. When it storms and rains outside do sit back and use Hamsphere to still connect with the Ham world...
What's the "porquería" with that? Your friends will be there just as well..., or tell them.

A "porquería" it would be when it didn't work or Hamsphere only had broadcast bands, I think.
To my opinion Hamsphere, in particular the upcoming Version 4, is the BEST addition to your real rig for moments you can't use your equipment, or situations where you would like to test antenna's without necessity to expensively buy one and see.

And what about the real HAM operators themselves flocking Hamsphere? There are Groups, Nets and lots of activities. You even need not pay postages for your QSL-cards! It is a cosy world as well, with many kind people willing to make friendships. You can send them messages and have your own blog in the Hamsphere world where you can exchange your thoughts and ideas on HAM radio.
It's not only about a quick QSO for a QSL-card, but far more.

Isn't all of this a wonderful, exciting addition and compliment to your real hardware rig?

I think so and so do many thousands of HAM radio operators and radio enthousiasts. Join the club, rather than complaining about "porquerías"... And try your first contact with India DX Net, the informative Q&A network on HamSphere (28.455 @ 12:45 UTC each day) to get the hang of things and join the Group to be heard! Or is that 'too early' for you?!

See you around, my friend, y hablo español tambien...


John 30HS3177 from Andalucia
my QSL card is waiting for you!
IndiaDXnet Continues on HamSphere 3 (10m)28.455.00
2014-08-14 18:57
The India DX Net will continue to operate on HamSphere 3 until further notice..

The Net will be migrated over to HamSphere 4 at some point in the future but for the time being it will go on as normal on HamSphere 3.

India DX Net has been running every day for over a year now, has helped many new HamSphere users to get going and has become a great knowledge resource available to all HamSphere operators.

If you are not sure about how to make things work or have a question about HamSphere 3 or HamSphere 4 or indeed have questions regarding any aspect of Real-World radio, no matter how simple or how technical, simply tune in to the net and check in with your call sign and I am sure an answer will be found.

The net controller is Basu in New Delhi. call sign: VU2NSB

The net starts around 11:30 UTC and normally runs for about 3 hours
Band: 10m
Frequency : 28.455.00 (10m band)

Myself and all operators on India DX Net look forward to your call..

73 de Paul.
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