Warriors Net
2013-01-17 14:12
We are starting a net for veterans of all services in all countries. Initial topics for discussion are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military order of the Purple Heart, and navigating the Veterans Administration in the United States. Meetings will be held on Saturdays at 19:00 UTC on 28.115 Khz in the 17 meter band. For questions contact robert.o.russell@comcast.net or call 2HS1043. I will be on the net most days from 10:00 UTC until 18:00 UTC.
Re: Warriors Net
2013-01-19 12:56

welcome to the new nets, although im not a vet i will ee there to listen, and my best reguardsto all of our vets and good luck with the new net! from the "ole cod-gers" net

PAUL 2HS8000
Re: Warriors Net
2013-02-01 14:56
I think the freq. is 18.115 not 28.115 ? Thanks. 73 from frank FØDUW
Re: Warriors Net
2013-02-01 15:47
You are right Frank F0DUW. The correct frequency is 18.115 in the 17 meter band.
Re: Warriors Net
2013-02-02 00:23

I make a message for this warriors net on my blog Robert. Best 73

Re: Warriors Net
2013-03-03 11:41
The Warriors net was closed permanently yesterday afternoon at 19:15 hours UTC due to lack of participation.
Re: Warriors Net
2016-01-12 13:33
What a shame to hear that I wonder if there is any other nets for Veterans in general.
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