Audio samples
2009-12-20 23:19
Audio samples recorded from HamSphere 1.0 (Feb 2008 - Jan 2012)

QSO between VE3JAR, Canada and TI6RPC, Costa Rica, realistic shortwave conditions. Recorded 22 Jan 2012.

UWB-76 replica. Recorded on HamSphere 40 meters, 27 Nov 2010

Tuning the HamSphere Ham band. Recorded 27 Nov 2010

Tuning the HamSphere 48-meter band. Recorded 27 Nov 2010

Unknown number station. Recorded on 7013 KHz, 27 Nov 2010

Lincolnshire Poacher replica (MI6 TX operated out of Cyprus). Recorded on 3758 KHz, 27 Nov 2010. Also demonstrates filter 1 and 2 in action.

HamSphere CW beacon on 7005 kHz. Recorded 27 Nov 2010

Shortwave realistic real DSB Splatter on 28409 kHz. Recorded 27 Nov 2010

QSO between Charlie 9H4CM Malta and operator in the USA. Recorded 17 feb 2010

Simulation OFF mode QSO on 6 meters and wide response filter. Record 17 feb 2010.

Long distance QSO between 26HS176 (David in Coventry, England) and PT7TBG (Ronaldo in Brazil). Recorded 4 feb 2009

Listen to this QSO between VO1CSR, 26HS176 and 26AN69.
It is hard to imagine that this is really done on a big server. Recorded 15 jan 2009.

EA3FEB (Christina) strugling with a station from Australia fading out in difficult band conditions. Recorded 15 jan 2009 0034 UTC.

Ham operator SM7NHC (Kelly) calling a test CQ on HamSphere. Recorded 22 jan 2008.

QSO Alan G0PTD in Manchester and WB4RQD Bob in Florida. Recorded 17 feb 2008.

3-way QSO between Alan G0PTD in Manchester, Pat020 in sacramento california and Lew in Adelaide Australia. Recorded 6 feb 2008.

QSO between Alan G0PTD in Manchester, VA3QN Ontario, Canada . Recorded 7 feb 2008.

URD Leningrad (Cold war replica of the 3550kHz coastal station) robot on 7035, recorded 22 jan 2008.

Shortwave broadcast station test 1 over Hamsphere, recorded in Sweden 19 jan 2008.

EuroSignal (EuroCall) replica of the European FM 88.4 paging system 1974-2001. Recorded off HamSphere on 7025 khz.

Shortwave broadcast station test 2 over HamSphere from the UK, recorded in Sweden 19 jan 2008.

Automated UTC clock on 7040 kHz.

Broadcast Radio Jackie relay test from the UK over HamSphere, recorded in Sweden 21 jan 2008.

RushHour pirate broadcast test transmission done via WiFI Lan, Eden Hotel, Amsterdam, recorded in Sweden 22 jan 2008.

Duga 1-3 "The russian Woodpecker" replica from 1982 Cold War.

Number station replica recorded on 7033 kHz.

Spider Radio, Greece, 7020khz 3 feb 2008, 1430 local.

SSTV reception of HamSphere SSTV robot on 7015 kHz

Manx Radio 89.0 relayed from Cumbria, UK. Recorded 12 feb 2008 on 7025 kHz

CFM Radio, Cumbria relayed via HamSphere by PAULD with low power (25 watts only). Recorded 15 feb 2008 on 7041 kHz