Echo - Microphone Testing HS version 3.0
2011-10-20 20:24
ECHO Microphone Recorder / Playback feature is back.

Many Users have been asking when this feature will return….

Frequency 1.823.45 MHz on 160 meters
MAXinum -10 seconds recording time

How to use:
1) Select Band & Frequency
2) Use PTT and talk into microphone for up to 10 seconds.
3) Then Listen to the AUDIO PLAYBACK….This is what you sound like !!
4) Make adjustment to Audio Settings / Mic Level and Power settings!!

TIP 1: Using the Mic Compr Attack {3} Release [3] Threshold [1800}

5) TEST Again……go to step 2.& 3
6) Adjust until you are satisfied with your AUDIO / MIC output level.
7) When finished …………. Then leave the frequency.

Please -- No QSO’s on this frequency-- Let others use this FEATURE …………

Note.. Over modulated is a situation were the audio is saturated and very rough sounding, hard to understand by others, and splattering to adjacent frequencies …..
HamSphere issues ALERT MESSAGE to reduce Mic Level - automatic system messages.

ALC --- is a USERS GUIDE for monitoring out-going TX Audio while Transmitting…

TIP 2: Watching the radio meter NEEDLE bouncing while TX (transmitting ).
KEEP Needle in the Green bar - ALC section for proper setting !

RX signals do not use this ALC, receive audio can be over S9 and not considered over modulated if the audio is not saturated ..

I hope this feature is useful and accomplishes what it is meant to do !!
All should strive to have good clear audio when transmitting.