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Results: HamSphere 4.0 New Year Contest 2022
2022-02-02 14:07
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Here are the results of the "HamSphere 4.0 New Year Contest 2022" that was held 8 Jan 2022 over 24 hours:

1st Prize: Andy, 6Y/SP2DNI (OSR), wins 30 HS Credits.
2nd Prize: David, 4X1VL wins 20 HS Credits.
3rd Prize: Boris, V44/CX6TU (OSR) wins 10 HS Credits.
4rd Prize: Paul, E7/G0THD (OSR) wins 5 HS Credits.
5th Prize: Jan, OM/PA3CCT (OSR) wins 5 HS Credits.
6th Prize: Bruno, JX/HB9BHS (OSR) wins 5 HS Credits.
7th Prize: Nestor, LW6DC wins 5 HS Credits.
8th Prize: Luis, EA6VY wins 5 HS Credits.
9th Prize: Dean, 9HS158 wins 5 HS Credits.
10th Prize: Victor, 50HS4778 wins 5 HS Credits.

Congratulations to all winners!

And a big Thank You to all contesters. Welcome back next year!,50645,50645
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