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Results: Late Night DX Gang Worldwide Prefixes contest 2019
2019-11-30 21:33
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Here are the results from the "Late Night DX Gang Worldwide Prefixes contest 2019" that was held 23 Nov 2019.
The contest had 152 participants and 12681 logged QSOs.

Congratulations to these winners:

1st place - Krassi, LZ4KK is awarded 100 HS Credits
2nd place - Igor, UA9UCO is awarded 80 HS Credits
3rd place - Enio, PY3TD is awarded 50 HS Credits
4th place - Paul, G0THD is awarded 30 HS Credits
5th place - Franck, 14HS4015 is awarded 20 HS Credits
6th place - Ravi, VU2RVE is awarded 10 HS Credits

HamSphere extends a big Thank You to all participants!

Full results:

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