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The HamSphere 4.0 Daily Contact Challenge
2019-06-25 22:06
Registered: 14 years ago
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This is an ongoing contest/challenge for operators on HamSphere 4.0. The operators get points for any station they work. Scroll down to see the points table. Remote and Activation stations are counted as contacts but these stations are not eligible to participate in the challenge themselves.

Each challenge segment is set between 18.00 UTC to 18.00 UTC next day. Only unique logged call signs per day are calculated. So no need for band hopping :-) Please note that the unique call signs are only counted daily so working the same station another day is fine.

VHF Contact 5p
UHF Contact 5p
10m <2400km = 20p, >2400km = 10p
11m <2200km = 20p, >2200km = 10p
12m <2000 = 20p, >2000km = 10p
15m <1800 = 20p, >1800km = 10p
17m <1600 = 20p, >1600km = 10p
20m <1000 = 20p, >1000km = 10p
30m <500km = 20p, >500km = 10p
40m 0-8000km = 10p, >8000km = 20p
60m 0-8000km = 10p, >8000km = 20p
80m 0-6000km = 10p, >6000km = 25p
160m 0-4000km = 10p, >4000km = 25p
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