The new "IDX Net Dual Platform Award" is now launched
2019-06-23 17:06
DX Net Dual Platform Award is a first of its kind on HamSphere which encourages operator participation and activity on both HS3 and HS4. Unlike all other awards, this award provides an opportunity to HamSphere operators to not only work DX on HF radio bands of HS4 but also enable them at each step to understand various associated physical phenomenon, underlying propagation behavior, optimum selection and use of antennas, and all the whys, whats and hows of HF radio communication. Rather than making contacts without really knowing why they happened, the IDX Net Award paradigm lets the operator dig into the true reasons of success or failure; and consequently achieve a greater sense of accomplishment by expanding heir horizons and knowledgebase. This would eventually not only help people become better HS4 HF operators but will bring them closer to the real world of HF radio. Operators will find themselves better equipped to face any real challenges of amateur radio communications.

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