CW presentation on The North America 60m Net....check it out!
2017-03-22 04:20
Would you like to do CW on HS 4? Pop in and listen to the CW presentation ....perhaps this will spark your interest !

On Thursday 23 March on Frequency 5330 at 01:00 the North America 60 Meter net will meet. At that time VE3HO Garth will do a presentation

on CW. We will start the net on Frequency 5330 and complete the check in once all stations are checked in we will move to 143.30 on the 2 meter band.

Any station who has an interest in CW and wants to learn more about it and the use of CW on HamSphere - do check into the net on March 23rd.

North America 60 Meter Net - Presentation on CW on March 23 at 01:00 UTC (21:00 EDT) de 9HS4755

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