New NET on HamSphere 4.0, 2m band
2016-03-03 15:41
New NET on 2m, from 2HS2258 DAVE

We would like to invite all users of HamSphere to join us on the - 2 meter group....It's a fairly new group. It is on HamSphere 4.. Go to the 2 meter band..then tune it onto the frequency 145.4000 (kansas city) repeater. Starting each day at 17:00 hrs UTC to 19:00 hrs UTC. Mon - Sat.
It is an open discussion group, but it's main purpose is to meet and greet new and experienced users alike. We try to help each other learn about how everything works on HamSphere 4, such as the high frequency bands, propagation, the antennas available,,as well as the plug in's for the radio, plus the different platforms available on the bands..
Also, the discussion ranges to ham radio and the endless avenues that you can explore.. So i get my notebook and pencil and learn so much everyday, I am somewhat new to ham radio, but there are a lot of very experienced operators in the group that contribute...
No antenna is required because it emulates a direct line of site connection to a repeater, So there is no issue with propagation or static,.. It has crystal clear FM sound for all HamSpere users around the world..
So we welcome any all users of HamSphere with open arms and a smile in a friendly, constructive, positive,learning environment..
with all licensed and non- non-licensed Amateur operators that are HamSphere users to emulate a real ham radio experience..
So turn your radio on and have a good time.

2HS2258 DAVE