2019-11-23 16:41
Hi Everyone,
K8TDM Tom Mihelich here.

I just recently got into HamSphere (my Ham Radio Antenna has issues) and I really wanted to get into the CW portion of this software.

Based on Alex DevaI's worked he did on a mouse keyer, I wanted to get both of my keyers working off the same mouse.
I figured out how to get both the paddle and the straight key hooked up at the same time with just the HamSphere CW Keyer, a USB Mouse and my keys.
Nothing else required.
Here is how I did it.

I started with a USB Microsoft Mouse. (Most likely you have one laying around)

I started by removing the pads on the bottom which expose the very small Torx head screws.
Remove these 3 screws.

You are then able to unscrew the top portion of the board to expose the bottom side of the left and right mouse switches.
(Ignore the wires soldered to it at the moment, I re-did these) :)

From here I fished (5) 22GA wires through the lid scroll wheel hole.
I also remove the actual scroll wheel as it is not needed.

I then soldered as follows:
For the straight key, the red wire to the outer left pad and the black wire to the inner left pad.
That gets the straight key working.

For the paddle, I soldered the ground black wire to the left inner pad.
The dash paddle red wire (has a black mark on it) to the right outer button pad.
The dit paddle red wire to the outer left button pad.

That is all there is to it.

Make sure you keep the wire clear of the mounting screws when you put the mouse back together.

And here is the final setup.
I added some tape to the bottom of the mouse to keep it from moving around.
I also removed the USB plug from the computer when I am not using the keys.

Here is a YouTube link showing it and action.
You can switch from the paddle to the straight key with just one click of the Iambic or key selection on the CW keyer.
I am also just using my normal PC mouse to move around in the Transceiver.
The keyer mouse is just taped down to the table so it does not move around.
Ok...please forgive the crude CW keying, this was my first crack at this. :)
I how everyone likes how this was done.
It was so easy to do.
No more issue getting on HamSphere with CW anymore.
Time to fill up the CW bands with this beautiful music.
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