CW on HS-4
2015-02-21 22:13
Recent migrant to HS-4 from CQ100. The CQ100 software keyer (Dahdidah program) is a great keyer -- very clean CW and quite versatile regarding weighting, speed, etc. It IS a bit tricky getting it going on a given computer; but once you marry the two (software and whatever computer) -- it produces outstanding CW. I have just tried a temporary run using the keyer with HS-4 and it appears that there might be a real possibility here. I use an Hp Envy17 laptop and I brought up the Dahdidah keyer (it is "stand alone" -- does NOT need CQ100 to function). The audio into my headphones is excellent without CQ100. I then put the output of the keyer at full amplitude(100%) and just curved the headphone mic into one of the earpieces. I put the HS-4 transceiver on 24960 Khz, USB Mode and toggled PTT. I adjusted the Mic ALC for nominal "mid-green" while keying the keyer. It looks very normal. I called CQ for a while but had no response. If anyone would like to experiment for a bit and let me know about the quality --- I would really appreciate it. If all goes well -- all I need to do is build a "tee" and take the audio off the headphone line and feed it into the mic in jack on the laptop
and will have solid "MCW" . Anyone wish to experiment give me a buzz at for a sked setup.
Re: CW on HS-4
2015-04-13 14:58
Hi, I know one Ham in our city (Kazan, Russia), his call sign is RA4PB name is Alex. He made simple generator using couple of transistors which form the 1 kHz sound and connect it to PC. The generator managed by usual key padle. He had many CW QSOs via HamSphere 4.0. Try to be in touch with him on HS 3 or HS 4 and ask him about details.

Best regards

Re: CW on HS-4
2017-04-25 20:10
Very few stations use CW, BPSK RTTY MT63 CAN OPEN 5 HOURS 73 Boris
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