JW/LA7CL - DXPeditin Rules!!
2019-04-25 13:56
From Paul LA7CL

JW/LA7CL will be active from time-to-time between 6th and 9th of May 2019, from Svalbard.

QTH: Longyearbyen - Spitsbergen Islands. Station will be answering CQ calls on open bands, and will work split when necessary.

Standard DX operating procedures will be expected.
Bulldozers will be blacklisted - and do not ask for "band hopping".

Please follow this simple rules to make this a pleasant celebration of my 80th birthday

1. Please listen – you must know my call - before calling

2. When calling do not transmit my call – only your call once (max twice) - and use your full call.

3. I will answer with your call – you are "report" – QSL?

4. If your call correct - Only confirm report to you - and give your report. Do not repeat my call. I am not interested in the weather, your antenna, power or your sick mother-in-law. Keep the contact short.

5. I will go on with: TU JW/LA7CL QRZ – or just QRZ

6. If running QRP or MOBILE – Do not put this behind your call

7. A lot of the time I will run SPLIT MODE – and will not listen on my TX QRG You have to learn using split mode – and listen for «Split listening 10 up»

8. If I say «Only NA», «Only Far East», «EU Stand By» - I mean that !!

9. QSL cards will be sendt «as soon as possible» - maybe in a «downperiod» in conds. I do not know if WiFi is good enough to send "on the fly" ??

Take it easy - let us have fun.LA7CL

Wayne D. Anderson - 9HS4755
Mobile: 613-453-7791
Kingston, ON

HamSphere DX Expedition Coordinator
DX Expedition Forum Moderator
Modérateur du Forum en français
Email: 9hs4755@gmail.com

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