198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-06-27 15:14

Activation will start on 4 July,Tim is 4-6 months on the Falkland's

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Port Stanley
2016-06-27 12:22

LAT 48.446400
LONG 9.986000
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-06-28 17:25
Dear Tim, It would be very glad to meet you on HS3.0. I havn't QSO with Folklads Islands yet.

Best wishes, have a lot of enjoy on HS3.0 from Folklands Islands.


Kazan, Russian Federation
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-06-28 17:34
Hello. Up Date on this topic..
Tim..198HS111. will be Flying out to the Falklands on the 4th July..
After a Rest and settling into Camp Mount Pleasant Base.. Tim will find out His Duty Rota.
He will then contact me.. and I will post... Days..Times.. Freqs..Bands... Which are to be used.
On the Facebook Hamsphere 4.0 section.. and On the Hamsphere . Forum page Here..
Please keep watching.. I hope all Hamsphere members at some point makes the contact
To the Falklands.. Tim and my self have spent today setting up both Hamsphere Radio's
Ready for Him to operate on the Island. Please remember.. It will be a NET CONTROLLED
Contact. You all must enter your call sign in the comment box on HS3 Radio. the Net controller for that session
will list you in order. So please be very patient and wait your turns.. and You only need to give your Call sign.. Radio report.
All Qsl cards will be Sent to stations after the Net session ends. giving time of Falklands internet service. or the next session Tim will send
to you all...
All Trail user's. will be able to list there callsign 20 Kc's above or below the main Net control freq.. The Net controller will say this on the day
of the net's..
Lets Hope all goes well. we all make the Qso contact.. and Qsl cards exchanged..
Best of Luck to all Hamsphere members..
73's from Fred 26HS9329 Uk.
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-07-04 13:19
hi fred will lookk forward to the activation by your brother in law
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-07-05 21:48
Hello all Hamsphere stations.. Tim..198HS111 arrived at Mount Pleasent Camp this evening. 5th July. He will activate the Falklands very soon. keep watching. Please remember its a NET controlled frequency. please go via the Net controller. It will be call sign's and Radio report only. to get has many stations in Qso with the Falklands. Thank you From FRED 26HS9329 Uk
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-07-07 13:53
The Falklands will be on in due course But Tim has got some taking over Duties to take over prior to getting on the Hamsphere program. But He will be active very soon. Duty before pleasure is the main aim first. I hope you all understand. Best 73's Fred Uk.
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-07-10 14:21
Internet on the Falklands in limited and Has to be pre-Booked for the use. WX on the Falklands is minus 6. with snow. very cold wind chill. 198HS111 Tim will be on Hamsphere at some point very soon. Internet premitting. But alot of personal need the use of internet also. Please bare with this. more updates on here when I find out more my self.. 73's for now..
Re: 198HS111 Falklands Islands
2016-09-05 20:32
Contact Has been made with Tim.. 198HS111.. This evening on HS3.. But Tim has only limited internet wifi time So contacts are quick.. he will be active again very soon. Thank you. From 26HS9329. Fred 73's
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