2014-02-13 16:30
Good news from Atomium Brussels,
i have permission to enter the Atomium Brussels,and many thanks to my good friend Etienne 16HS703 to help me to have this permission,
we will be on the Atomium Brussels on 08-03-2014 from 09 UTC to 12 UTC local Belgium time from 10H TO 13H
We will work with 2 operators 16HS222 and 16HS703 on 21.350 15M
I take the pill up and than Etienne comme in also in the same frequentie when i be on his side
i think i wiil be very good because not so much operators in ham can do it what we do now for Hamsphere
hope to have a lot of QSO'S
Regards 16HS222 LUC
And special for my friend Etienne,THANK YOU and i see you in Brussels
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