Åland Islands DXpedition
2014-01-08 21:35
Today, OG0A from Åland Islands was active on HamSphere and worked quite a few stations.

This activity occurs at the same time as the larger international DXpedition from Åland Islands where thousands of licensed hams worldwide are making contact with Åland on the regular radio frequency HF bands. That DXpedition is coordinated by a very famous DXpeditioner, book author, and ham radio instructor named Martti Laine (call sign OH2BH).

This may be the first time anyone has ever seen a combination of real world and virtual contacts during a DXpedition concurrently. For that reason, I think this is a memorable moment for ham radio! Those here who are long-time licensed hams may have even met Martti at Visalia, Dayton, and other major DX gatherings throughout the world; we did see a couple of hams say hello for that reason today.

IF YOU MISSED OUT ON ÅLAND ISLANDS TODAY, please keep in mind that the worldwide DXpedition continues until Sunday/Monday, and Martti is planning to operate some on HamSphere every day until then. So keep your eyes open, use the great "DX Alerts" function that Kelly has provided on HamSphere.com, watch the cluster, and you'll very likely add Åland to your DXHC list.

The usual frequency will likely be 50.130 whenever possible, and 1800z will be a good time to hunt daily, although other operating times may occur.

Although I'm not associated with either Martti or HamSphere in any way other than being a longtime fan and enthusiastic supporter of both, and I'm not an admin either, I was honored to be able to provide operational support for the effort this first day. I was also grateful for the kind support provided by admins Mourad (112HS101) and Tony (29HS132) who helped keep order during what could have devolved into a very tough spot. Also thanks to my fellow HamSphere members for the great operating procedures that were displayed. Despite the DXpedition rarity, I don't think anyone could have asked for a more impressive group of radio enthusiasts.


Randy, K7RAN

Re: Åland Islands DXpedition
2014-01-11 02:49
Quick update via Martti. By the end of the third day of the Åland Islands DXpedition today, 180 HamSphere QSOs have been made, and all QSLs have been sent.

Here are the operational DXpedition details for HamSphere so far...

Total worked World Countries: 54
Total worked EU Countries: 28
Total worked US States: 15
Total worked CA Provinces/Territories: 3
Total worked QSOs: 180 OG0A QSL cards sent

Total confirmed World Countries/QSOs: 53
Total confirmed EU Countries: 28
Total confirmed US States: 15
Total confirmed CA Provinces/Territories: 3
Total confirmed QSOs: 160 QSL cards received

For those who may have missed working OG0A on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, Martti and Kim will return Saturday and Sunday/Monday. So there's plenty of time to add Åland Islands to your DXHC totals!


Randy, K7RAN

Re: Åland Islands DXpedition
2014-01-11 08:18
hello dear friends
  I have not received qsl I made ​​the 5:42 p.m. on 01/08/2014 was 50130 and my qrz 14hs2105 if you made ​​for me info thank you to all .. 73 ​​51
Re: Åland Islands DXpedition
2014-01-12 02:27
Updated DXpedition stats received, 4th day...

Total worked World Countries: 63
Total worked EU Countries: 32
Total worked US States: 20
Total worked CA Provinces/Territories: 4
Total worked QSOs: 237 OG0A QSL cards sent

Total confirmed World Countries/QSOs: 61
Total confirmed EU Countries: 31
Total confirmed US States: 18
Total confirmed CA Provinces/Territories: 3
Total confirmed QSOs: 207 QSL cards received


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