Response to EA3DYM - Work from ANDORRA
2013-05-24 21:02
EA3DYM Wrote:
> Hi Santos next month, i suscribe for continued and
> Hamsphere, so is possible going to C3 division in
> short time, the activity from Andorra and this
> callsing C3/EA3DYM, But i dont know in what month
> i up to this country.
> This country is about 120km, from my
> question is, how verifiqued the transmition? I
> have a solution, is recording video during the
> activation and fhotos, etc.
> Thank you obrigado

Hello Jordy,

Andorra country is included in the ISO2-ES (SPAIN).

I don't know if it will be possible.

Please ask directly in