DX expedition in Europe
2013-05-19 01:30
I think this is not very dificult to organise DX expeditions in rares countries like Guernesey, jersey, Liechtenstein, Monaco. For vatican its very dificult to have autorisation to operate from vatican. So i hope this summer few hamsphere friends will make some dx expéditions on this rares DX countries. Also Aland islands, Albania, georgia, macedonia, Moldova, Monténégro are rare but too much dificult to operates. 73
Re: DX expedition in Europe
2013-05-21 00:59
Hello Frank,

All of that countries are ISO2.

Of 56 countries that are part of the EU list, has been possible to work up to 54, just missing the Monaco and Guernsey.

Any user who wants to make a visit to a "rare" country, just need to contact the Support and ask for a temporary callsign, such as MC/F0DUW in the case of Monaco, and work from a IP that allow geolocation to be valid.

The project Xpeditions is intended to work only special events, as IOHS (Islands on HamSphere), LOHS (Lighthouses on HamSphere), and eventually COHS (Castles on HamSphere).

73 !

Re: DX expedition in Europe
2013-06-02 23:57
Hello santos i think it is easy for many peoples on hamSphere to activate a COHS ( casteles on hamsphere ) because for exemple in France they a re a lot of forts ans castles , i have make aan article on my blog http://hamspheref0duw.blogspot.fr/2013/05/soon-on-hamsphere-iohs-lohs-cohs.html

the COTA is very popular in the worls now.



So Santos i hope soon we can make SES from castles on hamsphere, i have on not fare from my home ! OBRIGADO
Re: DX expedition in Europe
2013-07-08 03:19
Some info which may be useful, as well:


Kind regards Frank, Santos & rest of the community

Sal Salinas
Re: DX expedition in Europe
2013-07-08 03:25
BTW, I know it does not completely relate to the EU matter, here is something interesting about very rare DXpeditions ...



Sal Salinas
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