HamSphere Newsletter May 2021
2021-05-02 10:40

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring edition of the HamSphere Newsletter 2021.
We have a lot of good stuff coming your way so here we go. And stay safe everyone!!!


Latest HamSphere News

Updated Rules and Code of Honor

Our rules and regulations have been simplified and equipped with a "Code of Honor". The rules were outdated by quite a few years and since the HamSphere platform is constantly evolving we made a fresh update. The rules are now available in 28 different languages. The Code of Honor is a set of recommendations when operating Ham Radio. It is worth taking a look.

Please see this new Rules page: https://www.hamsphere.com/rules

New HamSphere 4.0 Plugins

Goldplate Skin
Plug-In added: 2021-04-20 11:25:20
Get GoldPlate-Skin


World Map 648x360
The WorldMap plugin shows live spot updates


1. Live Map display of the last spotted operator's location
2. Zoom Map in or out 0.2 to 3.0 magnification.
3. Click on map to set your antenna to that location
4. Double click last spotted and set the Frequency and Azimuth of the last spotted.
5. Click on last spotted and get the location on the map.
6. Works in Windows, Linux and Mac.
7. Only auto updates map location on spotted up when mouse pointer is outside the map area.
Get World Map 648x360


HamSphere Rag Chewers Club

Amateurs use the slang expression ragchew or ragchewing to refer to an extended, informal conversation, a variation of the common idioms "chewing the fat" and "chewing the rag". Dictionaries differ on the origin of the term “chew the rag,” but in amateur radio, it means to have a nice, long conversation. For the general Ham, it is one of the joys of amateur radio, although fewer and fewer of us seem to think so. Rag chews can be some of the most entertaining and enlightening QSO's to be heard on amateur radio. Sometimes, a contact in person, between two ham radio operators, is humorously referred to as an "eyeball QSO".

We have made some research on the topic and actually made a HamSphere Ragchewers club. It consists of a list of operators who engage in the art of "ragchewing". The criteria for a HS Rag Chew is at least three 150 secs transmissions within 15 minutes of an hour.

You will find the HRCC club here: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/hrcc


Digital businesses registered with UK VAT MOSS

The official rubber-stamping of the Withdrawal Agreement has led to a transitional period that ends on December 31, 2020, during which the UK is still part of the EU VAT system. UK-based digital businesses and non-EU digital businesses currently registered for VAT MOSS purposes in the UK have to plan accordingly for when this transitional period ends.

The VAT MOSS service is used to declare VAT due on sales to EU-based customers and to remit the VAT to the relevant tax authority. VAT MOSS is a special registration scheme that was introduced in January 2015 when the EU amended its rules so that cross-border B2C digital supplies are taxed in the member state of consumption. The MOSS allows a taxable person to submit a single return for each calendar quarter to the Member State of Identification (in this case the UK).
As the transitional period ends on December 31, 2020, digital businesses will not be able to use the UK’s VAT MOSS service any longer.

As of 00:00 UTC 1 Jan 2021 HamSphere no longer charges VAT on our products purchased by UK based customers.


New Mac installation page

Mac users have reported that the OSX operating system has a few beefed up security aspects that need to be observed when installing HamSphere 4.0 on Mac. The Mac operating system has protections for "Malicious" software and for "unidentified developers". Software downloadable from Apple Store have already been checked for these things. But when a software is not served via Apple store, there are a few security checks done.

We have compiled an OSX binary for HamSphere 4.0 which is distributed in a DMG archive. It has not been uploaded to Apple Store thus target to inspection upon download. If you trust HamSphere 4.0 and our company you can safely bypass these checks with a few simple measures described in our new Installing instructions for mac page


Payment without PayPal

Many operators have asked for methods of payment without using PayPal. We have now extended our web shop using the secure Visa/Mastercard payment system to include Subscriptions and HS Credit Top-Ups. The link is https://mobishop.hamsphere.com.

Two subscription tiers are available such as 3 Months and 1 Year. The HS Credit topup streches from 5 EUR and up.


New HamSphere 4.0 RM Remotes

Remote RM stations are fully equipped remotely operated stations that anyone can book and operate. The price is 5 EUR / hour.
Since last the newsletter we have launched the following new RM stations:

333RM1, Disei Island, ERITREA
208RM1, Air Strip office, GLORIOSO ISLANDS
154RM1, Hormuz Island, IRAN
77RM1, MOLE National park, GHANA
67RM1, Pombero Island, PARAGUAY
9RM1, Alert, Nunavut Territory, CANADA
43RM1, Darwin, Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA
144RM1, Hanga Roa, ASTER ISLAND


Log book in HamSphere 3.0 app

For years our users had been waiting for a log book in the HamSphere 3.0 app. Due to some technical issues we had difficulties implementing the log book. But finally we managed to get a log book working in the Android version.

You will reach the log book from the Cluster. The link is clearly visible.
For iPhone users we have made a temporary fix, The Offline Log book which can be reached at: https://www.hamsphere.com/log.php

The link to the Offline log book can of course be used by any operator who wants to use the log book outside of the HamSphere 3.0 application (PC/Mobile)


Newly added DXHC prefixes

We have added more DXHC entities to the database as new users have signed up. At the time of writing we have operators from 337 DXCC entities. Here is a list of recently added countries/territories. Complete country list: https://www.hamsphere.com/countrylist.php


New HamSphere 4.0 RM Award

In March 2021 we presented a new award, the "RM Award".

To complete the RM Award series you will need to pass the following criteria:

40 confirmed RMs
30 confirmed RMs >= 5 bands
1000 confirmed QSOs

This award will give the holder 5000 points.


Legendary Antennas

By Paul G0THD

In late June 2019, I met with Kelly SM7NHC in Malmö, Sweden. It was a hot summers day, in a time pre-COVID, where we were able to sit outside in one of the city’s squares.

A good deal of catching up took place, during which time a number of HamSphere improvement topics were discussed. One idea which arose, was introducing some new antennas, and associated awards. These antennas should be simple, and like those used in the back yards of radio amateurs and shortwave listeners around the world - the concept of Legendary Antennas was born.

Kelly discussed the idea with Basu VU2NSB (HamSphere admin and Antenna designer), who spent considerable time developing a new range of Legendary Antennas, which were introduced to the HamSphere 4.0 Shop. I have personally used some of these antennas in the real world, so was keen to try them out on the HamSphere system. I have been pleasantly surprised - they are very authentic, and work well. All Legendary Antennas cover a number of bands, and are great value - from 10 EUR to 25 EUR in the HamSphere 4.0 Shop:


My personal favourite is the Fritzel FD4, but I also am a fan of the Multi-Band Trap Dipole, and the W8JK Bi-Dir, all of which have done me proud.

Within a few days on air exclusively using Legendary Antennas, I achieved 100 countries confirmed from my remote station in TY/G0THD (Benin, West Africa)

If you use these antennas a lot, you can achieve the Legendary Antenna award, which is worth 3000 points to your HamSphere account on the DX1000 table: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/dxhc

Happy DX-ing and 73 de G0THD (plus remote stations)


New HamSphere 4.0 RM Operator Award

27 March 2021 we presented a brand new award called the "RM Operator Award". This award is worth 10000 points and requires the operation of at least 35 RM stations with a total of 5000 logged contacts.

We received a nice story from Paul G0THD about the RM Operator Award and how he achieved it:

Following completion of the RM Operator Award, I decided to review how I got there. My first exposure to Remote Mode stations (RM's) commenced with a mysterious return to my CQ call on 18 September 2018, from a station identifying themself as 101RM1. "An odd callsign" I thought. The voice was familiar, but a name not given. I looked it up, and it just had name as "101RM1" in Papua New Guinea. After swapping QSL cards, my country count increased by 1. Remote Mode stations on HamSphere 4.0 had been introduced. By the way, the voice was that of Dave KS1K.

It was some months before I plucked up the courage to book an RM station myself. The first booking being 227RM1 (Rwanda) on 6 June 2019, when I made 132 QSO's in a 2 hour booking.

Over the next 22 months, I have operated in 89 RM sessions.

Fast forward to the evening of 2 April 2021, having operated 275RM1 (Tokelau) in the morning, I knew I was 103 QSO's shy of the RM Operator Award target of 5000 RM confirmed contacts, and aimed to complete a good number of QSO's such that one more booking on 3 April 2021, would reach the target. After looking at propagation, indecided to book 204RM1 (Mozambique) at 18:00 for 1 hour.

At 18:00, I logged into 204RM1, went to the 10m band , set the rig as I like it, selected a 3 element yagi, directed it across Africa, towards Europe and North America, and picked a frequency. I asked if the frequency was clear, there was no response, so called CQ, 204RM1 was soon spotted in the cluster The first QSO was with Eddy 16HS206. It was a fast and frantic hour, during which time, I went down the bands as far as 30m.

After the hour was finished, I checked the Remote Log site to see how well I had performed, and blinked several times when I saw 109 contacts had been made in the hour. This is far more than I had previously achieved in a 1 hour booking, and amazingly took me over 5000 total RM confirmed contacts, a prerequisite for the RM Operator Award. Counting back, the 5000th contact was with Richard EI/G7GLW on 10133 at 18:56 on 2 April 2021. I guess I saved the best performance for last.

Final stats were 38 RM stations operated and 5007 confirmed RM contacts.

Thank you to Kelly SM7NHC for introducing the RM Operator Award. A lot of time and HS credits have been spent, but it helps other operators, and you will learn a lot about antennas and propagation, plus sharpen operating techniques.

73 de Paul G0THD

Your can find our Remote Stations (RM) at: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/remote


Monday Mosh Radio on HamSphere 4.0

Monday Mosh Radio is operated by Ian G4FTF on HamSphere 4.0 BC 40 meter band 6227 kHz as a global network covering the entire world. His amazing setup consists of four transmitters simulcasting to four continents.


I started my Radio hobby like most people in the UK; I watched films like 'Convoy', ‘Breaker, Breaker’, TV series ‘Dukes of Hazard’ and that was me, I was hooked.

After about two years of talking to people that just wanted to mess around, a friend invited me to his personal shack. As a CB radio user, I was used to FM, a four foot antenna and four watts of power. Looking at the chance to use USB, LSB, AM, CW, up to 400 watts of power and much bigger antennas was like looking at a goldmine. In about 1983 I started my course in Radio and Electronics. I passed as a Technician giving me the basics I needed to make me want to study hard for a Class A with Extras and my full license in about 1984. Soon I was getting DX's from all over the world. It was a fun way for me to relax. I obviously enjoyed it because I kept at it up for about ten years.

In the late 1990s I got married and had children so I went on hiatus from Amateur Radio for a good few years. In my time away from radio I was a budding actor working at the theatre in between a day job as a warehouse manager. I am a huge Elvis fan and was an Elvis impersonator for a very long time too. That was fun, tiring but fun. I was a back room boy for Radio 1's Steve Wright in the afternoon and it was our job to have a laugh with him. I was a Road DJ and a Club DJ for many years. I toured Europe DJing in places like Ibiza, Larnaca and Berlin etc. I was also in a few episodes of Eastenders at the back of The Queen Vic Pub drinking a pint.

My Love of Music
My love of music probably started when I was at school singing and acting in the bi-anual Plays the school put on, I was in so many. My taste in music is very vast and I have a music collection that matches my taste. I have in-excess of 250,000 Music tracks.

History of Monday Mosh Radio
I get asked this a lot how did I get the name ‘ Monday Mosh Radio’,
I started Monday Mosh Radio in 2012 with my daughter Zoe, we also roped my wife in, but she is really shy. we used to broadcast ‘Hard Rock’ music live every Monday. That’s where Monday comes from, Mosh is from ‘Mosh Pit’ at Rock shows. We were on air 24/7 then and we are back on air after a couple of years away. We were Lucky enough to interview some famous faces (ZP from ‘I Am I’, & Dragonforce’), ‘The Room’, ‘Buried In Verona’ and others. I also still to this day get promo tracks sent for my consideration.

Broadcasting a show

When setting up any show you need to know when each genre of Music is to be played and when and how long for, you need to write a physical program before programming anything.

Software to make it happen

I use a combination of software to make my broadcast work 24/7,
I use SAM broadcaster to play my music and automate it using PAL scripts, CWF files and Event Scheduler all of which needs to be programmed.
PAL = Playlist Automation Language
CWF = Clockwheel File
I use VoiceMeeter as virtual cables so SAM can be played through the HamSphere Program.
I also use a Macro Recorder to automate the adverts on the Broadcast account and clean up any residual PAL scripts that did not run correctly, this resets them back to the starting point. i.e. ready to play at the correct time.

The importance of helping others

I also like helping others with setting up their broadcast station and helping stations with the correct procedure in operating a Radio Station, weather broadcast or standard Ham Radio station. It gives me a great sense of achievement knowing that I have helped others.
I do believe this to be the true spirit of Ham Radio.
For HS4 Broadcasters HamSphere 4.0 Broadcasters | Facebook
For HS4 Users HamSphere 4.0 | Facebook

HamSphere allows my to simulate real broadcasting

I like the simulation of the Hamsphere program as it is as real as it gets. It reminds me of the old days on Radio 1 when I used to be on air with Steve Wright, it used 1,250,000 watts in the hay day

The Radio setup etc. and OSR’s (Operator selected Remote)

The beauty of HamSphere is you can operate from anywhere in the world without leaving your home, the simulation is so real real you won’t believe your ears. To operate an OSR you need to be a fully licensed HAM Radio Operator as you need to be experienced in working a lot of stations in a short period of time.

I have 4 Broadcast stations and 4 OSR’s Plus my home Call Sign;

RADIO_MMR = London, U.K.
RADIO_MMR2 = Washington DC, U.S.A.
RADIO_MMR3 = Buenos Aires, Argentina
RADIO_MMR4 = Sydney, Australia
KH4/G4FTF = Midway Island, U.S.A.
CT8/G4FTF = Vila Do Corvo, Azores Islands
VK0/G4FTF = Heard and McDonald Island, Antarctica
9N/G4FTF = Mount Everest Summit, Nepal
G4FTF = London (Home Call Sign)

In 2013 my father was diagnosed with Cancer. He passed away in September of that year aged 77. I soon had to look after my mother for a while and sadly in August of 2014 she passed away aged 78. I was in a dark place. My wife said to me “why don't I take up that hobby I used to do”. Cut a long story short, I am now back on air with a bigger and better system than I could have dreamed of when I started in the 80s. Once I completed my new set up the first DX I made was to the U.S.A. from London. I was quite pleased with this. I then found HamSphere in 2018 and this is now my main system for Ham Radio and Now Broadcasting. Safe to say my hiatus from radio is over.

73 de Ian,
6.227LSB broadcasting from London, Washington, Buenos Aires & Sydney…
P.S. If you do hear me, please send a QSL card!

Link to the HamSphere BC group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphere.Broadcasters/

Link to HamSphere 4.0 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamsphere4.0


HamSphere 4.0 App now available on Android 11

Our HS4 app had some downloading/starting issues in some Samsung phones when the Android 11 operating system was launched recently. The new updated Android system has many fixes when it comes to security etc. So we made an upgrade in March/April which is called version 1.004 which is fully compatible with Android 11 and backwards. We also made the app much faster in the login procedure and we changed the notification window for better clarity.

Download the HamSphere 4.0 app from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hamsphere.android.hs4hf


Results: HamSphere 3.0 Christmas Contests

Here are the results from the HamSphere "Christmas Contest" 2020 that was held 2020-12-26 08:30 to 11:00. The results are based on a properly filled out logbook and that power limitation were kept. We had a total of 18 participants this year. Congratulations to Angelo, 31HS688 who won this contest with the score of 392. Well done!

We would like to thank all contesters for your participation. Welcome back 26 Dec 2021.


HamSphere 4.0 Bandscanner plug-in


4th of July Contest 2021 on HamSphere 3.0

Welcome to the 4th of July Contest 2021 on HamSphere 3.0. The contest starts on 4 July 2021 at 00:00 UTC.

Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is the National Day of the United States

You can sign up to this contest in advance: https://www.hamsphere.com/contest.php?mode=edit&contest_id=432


HamSphere 4.0 QSL/SPOT Selector.

Some operators prefer not to be spotted when transmitting on HamSphere 4.0. Our auto spot mechanism consists of network of automated monitoring stations around the world that listen 24/7 to the HamSphere 4.0 bands. If your signal is within reach of the monitoring stations, they will automatically mark your transmission as a DX-Spot. You can however activate or inactivate Auto Spot entries or QSL confirmation emails at your own convenience. Instant On/Off service. When QSL button is lit you will receive QSL email confirmation for each QSL that you receive. When SPOT is lit you allow the Auto DX-Spotters to spot you.

You can see more information about this plug-in in the HamSphere Plug-in and Antenna Shop


HamSphere New OSR Awards

The OSR concept (Operator Select Remotes) is an important addition to the HamSphere 4.0 system. Licensed Ham Radio operators can extend their presence in other parts of the world by investing in remotely controlled rigs, so called OSRs. In a month or so we will present two new awards for OSR's. One award is achieved by working OSR stations and the other award is for the OSR operators. More info will follow.


VU2UR Arasu *Silent Key*

We have received sad news from India. VU2UR Manohar Arasu (82 years old) has gone Silent Key 30 April 2021. He was a lifetime member of the Indian Radio Amateur Society (ARSI). Arasu had 46 years of Ham Radio experience (he was on the air since 1967). VU2UR won many awards as number one in India. In total he earned more than 1200 certificates.

Arasu was a member of HamSphere since 2015 and had worked 257 countries on HamSphere and earned 29 Awards.

HamSphere expresses its sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed by the HamSphere community.


The HamSphere 4.0 Beacons

Many of you have been tuning the HamSphere 4.0 bands and heard beacons around the bands both operating in CW and SSB mode. We have received many questions about these beacons and their whereabouts. Finally we are able to present a complete list of our beacons.


HamSphere Rag Chewers Award

We will soon be releasing a very different award from the newly started HamSphere Rag Chewers' Club. The top-list is generated on a daily basis: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/hrcc
Criteria for a HS Rag Chew is at least three 150 secs transmissions within 15 minutes of an hour. The threshold for the award will be set at 500 Ragchews.


Operator OZ9OM in Denmark

We asked a few questions to Ole Mortensen to see what he had to say about Ham Radio in general.

When did you become licensed?

I became licensed in 1999 but I had no antenna on the roof.

What made you become a licensed ham?

I was using 11 meter for many many years and liked radio so took my license.

What kind of equipment have you used as Ham?

I use Yaesu FT 840,and Yaesu 725 for 2m and 70 cm.

When did you start using HamSphere and why?

I started using HamSphere in 2011.

How many countries have you worked on real shortwave?

Ca 325 countries.

How many countries have you worked on HamSphere?

I have worked 311 countries / DXCC entities on HamSphere.

Where do you live?

I live in Skanderborg, Denmark.

What do you think will happen to the Ham Radio hobby?

The interest for Ham Radio is not good anymore. It becomes less and less.

OK, thank you Ole for your time. 73.


Sabino Mazzone IK7VJZ from Bari, Italy

Sabino Mazzone IK7VJZ from Bari in Italy is a very active operator on HamSphere. He signed up on HamSphere in February 2019. Sabino has been a licensed Ham operator since 1993 and has 295 confirmed entities on real Shortwave. Nowadays he is dedicating himself to FT8 on the shortwave band.

In 1994 PT7BI Daniel had a net in 10 meters which was called "The Brasilian DX net" and Sabino contacted Jan Fernadez on the net.
Daniel PT7BI is also a member of HamSphere 4.0 now.

Recently Sabino activated his forth active OSR (Operator Selected Remote) with the call sign XQ0/IK7VJZ.

Sabino has or is previously working the following OSRs:




Operator Franck 14HS4015 / F4ISZ

My uncle gave me a CB radio in 1989 and I discovered the fascinating world of the Citizen Band (CB). A passion was born, a great passion even and it never left me. I contacted many countries and the most distant being Indonesia or Chile which was about 12,000 km. My DX 11m station was using 2 element Cubical Quad antenna at the time. I also did a bit of listening in Radio Broadcasting (BC) as well as on the amateur radio bands (HF)

Then, life passed and for personal reasons such as work, family life and children, major renovation of an old farm, etc. I did not have a fixed radio installation nor did I have much time and therefore no more contacts for many years. My passion was therefore dormant until one day I received an email from a radio friend from 06 (Jean-Marie) inviting me to find a download link for an application Internet radio therefore 100% virtual called "HAMSPHERE" and it was a revelation for me and even unfortunately then almost an addiction.

Indeed the HamSphere version 3 (HS3) is only like a Skype with a radio environment, the version 4 (HS4) is very well done and simulates the conditions for real radio contact using wave propagation, characteristics and performance of the antennas used, etc.) and even the possibility of contacting real radio amateurs all over the world ... it really feels like the real thing!

In 5 years of intensive activity on Hamsphere 4 with some 26,000 QSOs, I confirmed 301 countries on the system and climbed to 12th place in the world ranking and 2nd in France. Yes, it's 100% virtual and it's not real radio like on real bands, but it nevertheless allowed me to get used to the radio traffic, to contests, to managing at best a pile-up or even a remote station, etc.

And finally in May 2020, in the midst of a lock down due to Covid19, Fabrice F4HTZ had the excellent idea of offering weekly Ham Radio courses to the RA exam by video conference. So I took this opportunity ... THANKS TO HIM !! (and also to the student friends met in the lessons: Gérard, Matthieu, Pascal and Vincent for their precious support! ) After many months of revisions, I therefore decided to take the exam on January 08, 2021 in Drive mode, that is to say in my car, paper version, in front of the ANFR (because on December 18, 2020 I canceled my appointment at the ANFR following my positive screening for Covid19 on the morning of the exam ... hard!)

I received my callsign RA on 10 February 2021 and my joy explode living the present moment fully !! (even on social networks ...) What happiness and the total outcome to my great passion for RADIO !! But also the full satisfaction of having been at the end of something that was so close to my heart and having crossed that famous finish line .

I am therefore operational in fixed in HF (and VHF) but also in HF from my mobile with a CODAN 9350 automatic tuning antenna which should satisfy me. Happiness in DX! And perhaps soon QRV also in portable on the 50 MHz (6 m) with a Yagi 5 elements! Yep… a very passionate new DXer is among you!

After several years of listening as SWL F17167 (QRZCQ.com), I was therefore able to participate as an RA under F4ISZ (QRZ.com), for the first time, in the REF Cup 2021: 360 QSO including 77 French depots over 80m (6 DXCC), 51 French depots over 40m (9 DXCC) and 20m (5 DXCC) No QSO over 15m and 10m where the propagation did not seem or very little open…

73 de Franck F4ISZ


Operator Leo PA0CVE

We met with Leo and asked a few questions about his Ham Radio life.

What made you become a licensed ham?

My first steps on the HF were, like a lot of people I think, on the CB. First only FM and later also SSB. By then I had been active as SWL PA-1646 for a long time. As DIG-3562 (that's the Diplome Interesse Groupe) I have collected 200 certificates.

On November 14, 1974 I obtained my C license. Then I made a lot of connections at 2 m and 70 cm, phone, packet-radio, RTTY and SSTV and all the way to the space shuttle.

Once a German family was on holiday with us and DJ8FH had a self-built portable with him. I found that interesting so when we were on holiday with that family in Lüdenscheid I was really completely hooked and made my first, at that time still illegal QSO on 80 meters. It was illegal because I had only a C license with the option of 2 meters and higher on the air. Later in the Netherlands the C license was changed to the F (full) license.


What kind of equipment have you used as Ham?

My equipments have been:
11m Danita 240 FM 4w
2 m Kenwood TR-751E 25w
70 cm Icom IC-471E 25w
Kenwood R5000 0-30 MHz receiver
2/70 Icom ID-51 plus 2 D-Star porto
2/70 TYT MD 2017 DMR

When did you start using HamSphere and why?

On my birthday, I saw an ad from HamSphere on my phone. Immediately I started with HamSphere and never stopped. It was July 2, 2016. It was HamSphere 3.0, but I didn't think that looked like the real world so I quickly went to HamSphere 4.0. Sometimes you can still find me on HamSphere 3.0 though. On HamSphere 4.0 I have made 11802 QSOs and on HamSphere 3.0 1262 QSOs.

How many countries have you worked on real shortwave?

Because most of my QSOs were on VHF and UHF, I did not work many countries. I think just about 20.

How many countries have you worked on HamSphere?

I have worked 302 countries or DXHC entities on HamSphere.

Where do you live?

I live in Rijswijk in the Netherlands.

What do you think will happen to the Ham Radio hobby?

I don't think the hobby will ever go away. However, there is a lot of interference due to the solar panels and other and all the digital things that are used nowadays.

Anything else that you want to share with us?

Yes, I started the daily Coffee Round in 2017 at HamSphere 4.0 on the 40 meter at 7060. 7.00-9.00 UTC.
It's still going on. And I think it is a shame that many only like to work Remote stations and not the "normal" stations.

OK. Thank you for this interview, Leo.


VE3OHS Thoughts on HamSphere

By Wayne, VE3OHS.

I started with HamSphere in October of 2016; and the journey has been amazing. Who would have thought that this very interesting piece of software could become such a daily part of my life. The friendships I have made, and some of the operators that we have lost along the way.
Some say that HamSphere is wrong or has become “GameSphere” or the cluster bothers them or what ever the complaint may be. HamSphere is what YOU decide to make it.

Some like to rag chew have long discussions on one subject or many different subjects. I have been privileged to be a part of more than a few of those and have shared ideas and comments sometimes quite serious sometimes just fun and frivolous but we were operating.
Some like to make quick contacts and exchange QSL cards, looking for a new country, new Grid Square, or a new band, building up those points toward one of the many awards. This too, I have done and had great enjoyment from it, nothing quite as exhilarating as working a big pile up. In my original call (9HS4755) I amassed a bunch of points and certificates and enjoyed doing so.

Some like to work contests and your contest committee works hard to keep them coming and making them interesting. I do enjoy the contests and have taken part in many that I am able to.

Some like to come on the bands and just listen to the activity going on there, have seen much of this on the HS3 platform. I often do this when working on “other things” at my desk – I will find an active frequency and listen to the activity and enjoy the heck out of that as well.

I like to make QSL Cards, for myself, and for friends who appreciate and use them, I like simple cards with the required information and not a lot of fluff….am not a fan of half naked ladies on the cards. But again. It is what you like to do and who you like to do it.

So HamSphere is not one thing it is many and for those of us who enjoy it, oh sure not all is perfect, but then we make it better by using it and offering good suggestions. HamSphere gave me the nudge to move forward and obtain my amateur radio license – I tell folks it took 50 years…as I first joined a Ham Radio Club in Nova Scotia in 1969 – but family, career etc conspired to take my time. Fast forward to 2020 and was able to take my class and write my exam online. Without HamSphere I am sure that would not have happened. I chose VE3OHS for On HamSphere – and enjoy using the call sign.


HamSphere 4 is not for everyone, have a dear and close friend who only uses HamSphere 3 because of sight impairment but he loves it and enjoys many a good QSO on the HS3 platform.
I hear so much complaining about HamSphere and as was once said “What are you going to do about it?” If you do not like the cluster there is an awesome plug in QSL/SPOT plug in…I have it use it and love it. So, enjoy this software, use it and have fun, and if you know of ways to improve it share it with others.

We are fortunate to have this community of users – and though licensed now HamSphere is where I come to for my “HF Fix”. I would also invite the HS users to get involved in the various nets that are on, Early Bird Net on 80 Meters, oldest net on HamSphere, run by W8NEE - John. 80 Meter Award Net if you’re looking to get the Worked All States award this net is run by N8RGO – Larry, the North American Rag Chew Net great discussion and question and answer net. Run by a group of HS Operators. These HS 4 nets can be found on the event calendar plug in. There are nets on HS3 as well, check them out.
Thank you, Kelly, for this great platform and hope that it continues to grow and improve.

Wayne A – VE3OHS

Digimodes on HamSphere

Digimode is hotter than ever on HamSphere and our operators are experimenting with all kinds of modes. In this edition we will cover the new ROS mode which has become really popular.

The ROS Mode

ROS is an amateur radio teletype free running QSO mode designed for low signal/high noise conditions. ROS was designed by José Alberto Nieto Ros EA5HVK.

Fred 26HS9329 is behind the ROS HamSphere group and they have a new logo that should only used for ROS group QSL cards.
ROS implements a combination of FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) and 2G (Second Generation) CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), The modem deployed's a 144 MFSK phase continuous single tone, modulation scheme, ROS may be amplified by non-linear Tx path. Class c/d/e.

Read more about ROS on the Signal Identification Guide: https://www.sigidwiki.com/wiki/ROS

Software ROS v7.4.0 (Weak Signal Radio Chat) can be found at: https://hamradio.se/software/

Fred 26HS9329 has made up some country name QSL cards for a ROS HamSphere Group.. If anyone wanting to Use these cards please feel FREE to download and EDIT your details to the Qsl card for use on HS4 ROS mode.. If your country is not in the cards uploaded to here Please let me know and I can make one for your country.. The ROS HamSphere Group is only just started with this Group LOGO which I have made up.. Any ideas are most welcome from you members of Hamsphere with this Group. 73's Good DX on ROS mode..de 26HS9329 Fred

Permalink to Freds QSL work: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamspheredatamodes/permalink/4154967297867339

Digimodes on HamSphere (Over 800 members): https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamspheredatamodes/


HamSphere 4.0 contesting

Upcoming HamSphere 4.0 Contests

PSK31 24 hour starting 2021-05-22 07:00 UTC
Four hour series contest stage 3 starting 2021-06-19 12:00 UTC
HamSphere 4.0 Summer CW contest 2021 starting 2021-07-17 04:00
Late Night DX Summer 24 Hour SSB Contest 2021 starting 2021-07-31 07:00
SSTV 24 hour contest 2021 starting 2021-08-14 04:00


Results: HamSphere 4.0 Winter CW Contest 2020 that was held 26 Dec 2020

The results are based on a properly filled out logbook.
We had a total of 65 participants which is 1 more than 2019.

Congratulations to Alex, CT9/RG5A with the score of 29488. Well done indeed!
Alex managed to complete 194 valid CW QSO's and 151 multipliers and wins the prize of 30 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!

We also say a big Thank You to all participants!

Link to full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_49555_read.html


Results: HamSphere 4.0 New Year Contest 2021" held 9 Jan 2021

Here are the winners:

1st Prize: Alex, CT9/RG5A(OSR), wins 50 HS Credits. Congratulations!
2nd Prize: Paul, VP2E/G0THD(OSR) wins 40 HS Credits. Congratulations!
3rd Prize: Ravi, VU2RVE wins 30 HS Credits. Congratulations!
4rd Prize: Unknown, Banned!
5th Prize: Sebastien, 14HS3000 wins 10 HS Credits. Congratulations!
6th Prize: Bruno, HB9BHS 5 HS Credits. Congratulations!
7th Prize: Tony, 35HS380 wins 5 HS Credits. Congratulations!
8th Prize: Bruno, 16HS1474 wins 5 HS Credits. Congratulations!
9th Prize: Garth, VE3HO/VY2(OSR) wins 5 HS Credits. Congratulations!
10th Prize: Dean, 9HS158 wins 5 HS Credits. Congratulations!

HamSphere sends a big Thank You to all participants. Welcome back next year!

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_49585_read.html


Results: HamSphere 4.0 four hour series contest 2021 stage 1 held 30 Jan 2021

4 Hour Contests calendar:

Stage 1: 30 Jan 2021 Completed
Stage 2: 24 Apr 2021 Completed
Stage 3: 19 Jun 2021 Upcoming
Stage 4: 21 Aug 2021 Upcoming
Stage 5: 2 Oct 2021 Upcoming
Stage 6: 4 Dec 2021 Upcoming

Congratulations to these winners of stage 1:

1st prize: Alex, CT9/RG5A, 15 HS Credits
2nd prize: Paul, G0THD, 10 HS Credits
3rd prize: Victor, 50HS4778, 5 HS Credits

HamSphere extends a big Thank You to all participants!

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_49685_read.html


Results: HamSphere 4.0 All Asia 24 hour contest 2021 held 13 Feb 2021

Congratulations to all winners and HamSphere extends a big Thank You to all participants!

Group A: Asia
Group B: Europe
Group C: North America
Group D: South America
Group E: Africa
Group F: Oceania


Results: HamSphere 4.0 European 24 hour contest 2021 held 6 Mar 2021

Congratulations to all winners and HamSphere extends a big Thank You to all participants!

Group A: Europe
Group B: Asia
Group C: North America
Group D: South America
Group E: Africa
Group F: Oceania and Antarctica


Results: Latin America & Caribbean 24 hour 2021 held 10 April 2021

Congratulations to the winners and a big Thank You to all participants!

Group A: Asia
Group B: Europe
Group C: North America
Group D: Africa and Oceania
Group E: Latin America and Caribbeans


The HamSphere Essex DX-Group

The HamSphere Essex DX-Group meets on 50.12345 kHz on HamSphere 3.0 and at the time of writing we are 87 members.

For those who are willing to join the THE ESSEX DX GROUP you need to send an e-mail to essexdxgroup@gmail.com in 'order to receive your membership member & Personal QSL Card.

There will be NO preferences given to receiving a Member Number
The numbers will be given in the order, that your e-mails are received.

So send an e-mail to essexdxgroup@gmail.com
Along with your:
1. Name.
2. Callsign.
3. AND YOU’RE E-MAIL Address

Your personal QSL Card and membership number will be sent to you via the e-mail your submit.
if you would like a picture of yourself on the QSL card. You must send a passport size picture along With Permission for us to use your picture on the card. Please allow 2 to 3 days of us receiving your request, to issue membership numbers and QSL cards. Don't forget to send us your Name, and Callsign, & E-mail address to


Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphere.Essex.Dx.Group/


The HamSphere Alligator DX Club - ADXH

The HamSphere Alligator DX Club - ADXH is a brand new DX Club started by Manuel 31HS1112 and Bruno 14HS4937.

We created a Facebook group the ALLIGATORS DX HUNTERS On this group we will organize games to energize HamSphere that we all love very much and where we have a great time. Games based on the exchange of special QSLs and certificates. each member will receive a membership card and number. QSL countries and regions, states (USA and CANADA) for each member. We absolutely do not want to substitute ourselves for any groups whatsoever, nor to overshadow them. All operators are welcome, just apply to Manuel or myself.

As the group grows we will launch the first game based on the 160M and 80M then a second defined as follows 10M to 17M and 20M to 60M 4 bronze, silver, gold, and platinum certificates without time limit. In the future the Remote stations can be members ..but using the order of entrance from home call, with a reference of remote country like this for example 000/S9.

Join our official Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamsphere.alligator.dx


North America Rag Chew Net

The HamSphere North American Rag Chew Net continues to meet twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday at 01:00 UTC. For the Summer period we met on 70 cm 434.500 due to the increased noise on the 40 meter band. In October/November we moved back to the practice of having Check In and Contacts on 40 Meters at 07.030 and then moving to 70 cm 434.500 for the round table or discussion section.

We actively encourage Operators who are new to HamSphere to join us and bring your questions, there are no stupid questions – and as the preamble says we were all novices when we started out. We, as a group, enjoy assisting new folks and helping them to enjoy the HamSphere platform.

We have a great team of Operators and we do this from the enjoyment we receive from opeating on HS4. A huge shout out and thank you to Rik 2HS1189 for looking after the Net Logger on a weekly basis. As well we have VA7FT – Tim; W7CPT – Jim; 2HS2359 – Bob, W7GBA (NA1NA)-Dan, and myself VE3OHS who act as Net Controls. We also have KS1K as an advisor to the net.

One of our newer members, K3VIC and a group of operators get together after each net for the afternet rag chew and you usually can find them on 07.065 and it is run as a round table discussion. Thank you Vic.

Our round table dicussion on the net have covered many subjects in and out of HamSphere and we have had an occasional trivia question all that prove to be fun and encourages discussion. We actively encourage new users to come to the net and ask questions and take part in the net. We do not exchange cards or make QSL contacts on the 70cm bad but in the Fall we will be making contacts and card exchanges on 40 meters. Enjoy your summer and call CQ.

9HS4755 Waye – Net Manager email: ve3ohs@gmail.com

Net May 1, 2021

The HamSphere North American Rag Chew Net met on Saturday the 01 May 2021 on Frequency 434.500 at 01:00 UTC with 13 HS Operators checked in.
2HS1980 SUNIL (CA)
2HS2359 BOB (KY)
Thirteen operators checked in, the following question was posed to the group:
This ham's name is probably known to jazz fans, but we all know his cute red haired daughter from her many movies. His name is Bob and his call-sign is K6YBV. Who do you think his daughter is?
Answer: Molly Ringwald
Her proud dad is Bob Ringwald, jazz pianist and band leader. He appeared with daughter Molly in 'Twice Upon A Time' playing (what else?), a saloon piano player.
Thanks to all who participated.
The next session of this net will be on Wednesday May the 5th at 01:00 UTC on freq 434.500 for Check In and following that the Round Table or Discussion. Net Control will be VE3OHS Wayne and 2HS1189 Rik as Net Logger, do join them.
A North American Rag Chew Net Forum has been added to the Forum pages on HamSphere for all to read.
For comments or questions please email: hs40meterragchew@gmail.com de VE3OHS
Go Forth and Work Split.

Net April 24, 2021
The HamSphere North American Rag Chew Net met on Saturday the 24 Apr 2021 on Frequency 434.500 at 01:00 UTC with 12 HS Operators checked in.
2HS1980 SUNIL (CA)
Twelve operators checked in, the following question was posed to the group:
Are you obliged to have a grid square on your QSL card? Also do you give it or not?
Discussion with group followed and raised a question of where one can find or research the web or apps to provide that information. On Android and Apple devices there are apps one can download "Maiden Head Locator" is recommended for a search start point. Also HamSphere look up plug will provide requested information.
A North American Rag Chew Net Forum has been added to the Forum pages on HamSphere for all to read.
Thanks to all who participated.
The next session of this net will be on Wednesday April the 28th at 01:00 UTC on freq 434.500 for Check In and following that the Round Table or Discussion. Net Control will be VE3OHS Wayne and 2HS1189 Rik as Net Logger, do join them.
For comments or questions please email: hs40meterragchew@gmail.com de 9HS4755
Go Forth and Work Split.

Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/northamerica40meternet/


The HamSphere Late Night DX Gang

The LNDX group is currently on hold. The Board of Directors called a meeting a couple of months back between Wim, Lew and Wayne and they discussed keeping the LNDX Page as it is. The Board is in the decision making process. Lew has stepped back as chair and Wayne is hovering on the same. So the Boards suggestion was that we dissolve the board, keep the LNDX page on Facebook as is and keep the LNDX (current) awards going. Should there be a requirement in the future for LNDXpedition, Wayne has promised to look after that. The board feels that we should not issue any further memberships.

Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphereLateNightDX/


India DX Net

After 8 years of sustained operation, the India DX Net (a.k.a IDX Net) is still going strong in its ninth year. Several experience HF radio operators meet on the net to discuss various matters related to HamSphere 4.0 and HF radio. Our objective is to answer any queries one might have related to these topics. HF propagation conditions and the proper selection of antennas to use to make those difficult HF contacts is a quite elusive subject. Unless someone understands the fundamntals, the radio contacts are often hit-and-miss. We try to fill the information gap for the benefit of our participants.

We run the IDX Net on monday,Wednesday, and Friday as per the schedule given below. Although most of our net sessions are conducted on HS3 for the benefit of new-comers, we also occassionally run special IDX Net sessions on HS4 to help the operators to experience some of the concepts that we discuss on the HS3 net sessions.

To further bridge the information gap and to assist operators to leverage the fascinating art and science of HF propagation, antenna selection, and usage; IDX Net runs a special Facebook group which is dedicated to topics that are important.

Those who have not joined "HamSphere IDX Net - HF Radio" Facebook group so far and wish to do so may click on the following group URL to join..


IDX Net also offers a very special official HamSphere award. This award is one of its kind with the unique requirement of consistant participation on both the HS3 and HS4 platform. The "HamSphere IDX Net Dual platform Award" is not a regular run-of-the-mill award, and it is crtainly not meant for the faint-hearted. Checkout the details on the HamSphere website awards page and then decide if you have the grit and the mettle to go for it.

IDX Net is a world-wide net. All operators from anywhere in the world are welcome to join us. Please check our operating time and frequency below. Come and join us regularly for on-air live discussions.

India DX Net operating schedule...

Frequency: 28.455 MHz (10m band)
Net Time: 12:00 UTC onwards on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Platform: HamSphere 3.0 (with occasional sessions on HamSphere 4.0)

Net Control Operator: VU2NSB (Basu)


HamSphere 80 meter award net

By Larry Roop, N8RGO

The HamSphere 80 meter award net meets 1 time during the week on 3.750 at 0100 UTC Mondays. The primary goal of the net is to bring radio operators and states together to achieve their 80 meter award.

We encourage all states to come into the net and participate, the more states we have into our net the easier it will be for new members and even some older members to achieve their 80 meter award quicker. Technically we are a contact net where you exchange signal reports and then exchange QSL Cards for the contact to count on a one on one bases. If our list of checkins in the net are around 15 or less we do have some time that we can spare for general rag-chew, but again it just depends on the amount of checkins. During the Spring and Summer months like we are in now attendance is down and we do not get near the states that we may get during the Fall and Winter months. We maintain a fairly regular group of people and that is fine but as stated we would love to have new members and especially new states check in.

To our DX friends please be aware that conditions are much harder during this time of the year and it is much harder for many stateside stations to reach you. We can only do our best with the antennas that we have and the conditions we have to work with at the time of the net. We know that you guys want to achieve your 80 meter award just as bad as many of us do over here and if we can make that happen we will, patience is the key. If it does not happen during the net maybe something can be worked out for a contact at a later time or date. Please don't hesitate to get a hold of me on facebook and let me know certain states you would like to get a hold of if I know a person in that state I can try and make contact with that person and set something up.

Net 3 May 2021
Tonight's HamSphere 80 meter award net 05/03/2021 was started at 01:00 UTC on frequency 3.750, the following 11 stations checked in. KA9V/IL, 2HS1189/IN, N2JOA/NY, 2HS8210/NY, 2HS2359/KY, VE3OHS/Ont. Canada, N0DDC/CO, VE3FRM/Ont. Canada, KJ4BET/FL, K4DPC/NC, and N8RGO/OH as your Net Control Operator.
Tonight's net had 9 checkins and we thank all who checked in. Great net tonight, want to thank bob 2HS2359 for having his station out of Kentucky tonight.
Remember we have a FB group labeled the HamSphere 80 meter award net, please check it out and if you are not a member send us a request to join and we will get you approved as quickly as we can.
We closed the net at 0156 utc. Always keep in mind to check into as many nets as you can, and as always have a great rest of the week ahead. 73 N8RGO.

Net 26 April 2021
Tonight's HamSphere 80 meter award net 04/26/2021 was started at 01:00 UTC on frequency 3.750, the following 9 stations checked in. 2HS1189/IN, N0DDC/CO, KA9V/IL, 2HS1980/CA, 2HS8210/NY, N2JOA/NY, K4DPC/NC, 2HS8534/NY, and N8RGO/OH as your Net Control Operator.
Tonight's net had 9 checkins and we thank all who checked in. Outside of having a good net tonight not much in the way of aything new happening.
Remember we have a FB group labeled the HamSphere 80 meter award net, please check it out and if you are not a member send us a request to join and we will get you approved as quickly as we can.
We closed the net at 0153 utc. Always keep in mind to check into as many nets as you can, and as always have a great rest of the week ahead. 73 N8RGO.

Net 19 April
Tonight's HamSphere 80 meter award net 04/19/2021 was started at 01:00 UTC on frequency 3.750, the following 11 stations checked in. KA9V/IL, 2HS2359/IN, 2HS1189/IN, 2HS8210/NY, N0DDC/W1/VT, KD8LSH/OH, KJ4BET/FL, PZ1EW/Paramaribo, K4DPC/NC, 2HS2221/IA, and N8RGO/OH as your Net Control Operator.
Tonight's net had 11 checkins and we thank all who checked in. Good net tonight, we had Robert M0RCK key down but after trying for him we had no contact.
Remember we have a FB group labeled the HamSphere 80 meter award net, please check it out and if you are not a member send us a request to join and we will get you approved as quickly as we can.
We closed the net at 0200 utc. Always keep in mind to check into as many nets as you can, and as always have a great rest of the week ahead. 73 N8RGO.

Net 12 April 2021
Tonight's HamSphere 80 meter award net 04/12/2021 was started at 01:00 UTC on frequency 3.750, the following 9 stations checked in. 2HS1189/IN, N2JOA/NY, 2HS8210/NY, VE3FRM/Ont.Canada, K4DPC/NC, KA9V/IL, KJ4BET/FL, 2HS5086/FL, and N8RGO/OH as your Net Control Operator.
Tonight's net had 9 checkins and we thank all who checked in. We had a new checkin 2HS5086 Richard in FL, we appreciated him checking in and hope to see him back in the future. Dave VP9/KS1K gave a key down but when I went back to him I got no response.
Remember we have a FB group labeled the HamSphere 80 meter award net, please check it out and if you are not a member send us a request to join and we will get you approved as quickly as we can.
We closed the net at 0200 utc. Always keep in mind to check into as many nets as you can, and as always have a great rest of the week ahead. 73 N8RGO.

Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamsphere80meterawardnet/


HamSphere 80 meter Early Birds


Please join our Facebook group:


The new 50 Plus club

Welcome to the old/new HamSphere 50 Plus Club. This group is devoted to all HamSphere 3 and 4.0 users with an age of 50+Welcome to the old/new HamSphere 50 Plus Club. This group is devoted to all HamSphere 3 and 4.0 users with an age of 50+

The purpose of this club is to share fun Ham Radio experiences on the HamSphere 3.0 and 4.0 system.

The original concept was to have activities on HamSphere 3.0 but in this refurbished Club we will extend it to have activities on 4.0 too to show the concept of Shortwave propagation.

The Club will continue with Leo PA0CVE as captain with some help from Kelly SM7NHC and Nico 16HS1033

Now 350 members Facebook page Members (1 May 2021)

The Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphere.50.Plus.Club/


The 4.0 BC Band News

HamSphere 4.0 has a 48m BC band opened to BC Broadcasters. Anyone holding a subscription with HamSphere may start a broadcast account with 1-4 call sign letters. We did a band scan in April 2021 and found these stations active:

Active BC Stations (Heard in April 2021)

RADIO_7456 6262 kHz USB
RADIO_Q5 6285 kHz LSB
RADIO_848 6252 kHz USB


New 48m Collinear antenna
On public request we are currently developing a new 48m Collinear antenna with 360 degree radiation pattern. It will be available soon from the shop.


Use the Support Ticket System

We have a 24-hour support ticket system where you can get support regarding anything about HamSphere.

* Changing call signs
* Technical problems
* Suggestions
* General questions, etc.


And remember, always state the HamSphere system (3.0 or 4.0) including operating system and computer model such as Windows, Mac. Linux etc for faster support. You can also attach a screenshot of the issue if you like.

Geert 13HS575
HamSphere Support


News from HamSphere 4.0 Web shop

Check out the new Plug-ins/Antennas here!!!


How to Subscribe

The HamSphere annual subscription costs 32 Euro (plus VAT in EU), that is about $40 USD and includes all our features even the iPhone and Android apps. It also includes the standard 4.0 transceiver.

Click here if you are interested in subscribing to HamSphere and get all features

For many years our operators have asked for a Subscription alternative payment to PayPal. Finally we are able to process debit and credit cards directly via a Secure Payment Gateway.

More on http://www.hamsphere.com/subscribe


Lost Password / Restore data

How do I get a new password? We get this question often.
Here are two links to fix this.

Click here to get a new password


Click here to set your own password

If it still doesn't work, please contact our support and we will manually give you a new password.

Restore your HamSphere 4.0 rig: http://backup.hamsphere.com/restore_rig.php


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Everything your wanted to know about Ham Radio


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